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Why is Ice Coming from My AC?

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You are sweating profusely in the middle of summer, but your air conditioning unit is freezing up. What's wrong with this picture?

Ice can form on air conditioning units no matter what season it is or what region you live in. If there is ice buildup on your AC, it is always an indication of a problem. You must fix it right away before you end up with costly repair fees or, worse, complete replacement of the entire system. There are two main reasons why ice forms on an air conditioning unit: improper airflow and leaking refrigerant.

Restricted airflow leads to frozen coils

The evaporator coils need sufficient airflow to work properly. If the air filter is clogged with dirt, reduced airflow to the evaporator coil can lead to a drop in temperature. This is when ice begins to accumulate as the humidity collects and freezes.

Do not wait for your air conditioner to suffocate and drop below freezing point. Replace your air filters regularly. Clean your evaporator coils. Check the ductwork for dirt or damage. Proper maintenance not only prevents ice buildup but also prolongs the life of your AC unit.

Frozen coils from a refrigerant leak

The refrigerant is an important component of your air conditioning unit. It is responsible for collecting heat from your home and carrying it outside. A drop in refrigerant level can be the result of improper installation during first charge, a leak in the system, or normal wear and tear. When an AC unit is low on refrigerant, the temperature of the evaporator coil drops too and lead to ice buildup.

What Should You Do if You See Ice on Your Air Conditioner?

1. Turn the air conditioner off to prevent damage to the compressor.

2. Allow all of the ice to melt completely, both on the AC and the outdoor unit.

3. Speed up the process by blow drying the evaporator coil and vacuuming out any water from the ductwork.

4. While you wait for the ice to thaw, go check your filter if it is dirty or clogged and check the drain if it is blocked.

5. If you are using a window-type AC, make sure that the unit is slightly tilted backward so that it drains out any water.

6. Once the ice is melted and the filter has been replaced, turn the air conditioner back on and see if that solves the problem.

7. If your AC unit is not cooling and the freezing problem continues, turn the power off again and contact a professional air conditioner repair company.

The best way to prevent ice buildup on your AC is to schedule routine maintenance with a professional HVAC repair company. Call for a consultation today.

Written by APM Construction Services, a construction and home maintenance company that is the best choice for ac repair in Columbia, MO.

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