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6 Ways to Turn Your Shed Into the Perfect Workshop

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Do you need some extra space for work or your hobbies, while your backyard shed is just standing there cluttered with all sorts of tools and machines? Worry not, because you will learn how to turn your shed into a workshop of your dreams. Your workshop should look attractive, be practical and functional, and hereís how you can achieve that.

Turn Your Shed Into the Perfect Workshop

Make ample storage space

Every professional workshop pays extra attention to storage space. Cluttered environment doesnít make a very productive environment, so make sure your tools and machines can be appropriately stored away when not in use. Tools are best kept on easily accessible shelves and hangers, so you can quickly reach for them anytime you need them. Even though small tools fit perfectly in drawers, hanging them on a pegboard will help you find them so much more easily, and cleaning up will take only a second.

Have flat and smooth floors

Even though people mostly concentrate only on work areas, no perfect workshop has bumpy floors. Cracks, holes, and bumps are great hazards in the workshop, so make sure to fix them the first chance you get. If your shedís floors have seen better days, get some concrete filler and make your floors smooth again. You can complete your workshop floors renovation by putting out hardwood, laminate, tiles or a simple sturdy carpet if you prefer to work in a homier atmosphere.

Turn Your Shed Into the Perfect Workshop

Insulation, insulation, insulation

If you want to get the most of your new workshop, you need proper insulation to keep your shed cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Insulation is not very hard to install, but it can be very itchy, so make sure all your body parts are protected while you touch insulation, and get a protective mask and glasses. Insulation works best if all the walls and the ceiling are completely covered with insulating material, even the space behind electrical boxes, so be thorough.

Electricity is a must-have

If your old shed didnít have electricity, youíll definitely need it now. Every workshop needs good lighting and many power sources. No matter what youíre planning to do in your new workshop, whether itís some simple DIY or more complicated wood work or even key cutting, youíre going to need electricity to power your tools and machines. Itís best if you contact an electrician for this part, but if you have some experience in working with electricity, you can check out some tutorials online that can be very helpful. If that doesnít help, you can always use a generator to provide you with power. Also, donít forget about proper ventilation. Even though this part should have been installed during the shed construction, this can be the perfect time to upgrade it.

Turn Your Shed Into the Perfect Workshop

Personalize it

Every good workshop needs some cool decoration. You can make the space more personal with pieces that say who you are and what youíre into. You can hand up posters, plans, sketches, whiteboards or add curtains and lamps to the space. Displaying some of your handiwork can also serve as great decoration.

Donít forget to relax

If you have enough space, make sure to create a relaxation corner. Even though the whole point of a workshop is to work and create, sometimes all you need is a little break to rest your legs and back, refocus and clear your mind.

Have cleaning supplies at hands

A dirty workshop is never a good sign. You have to keep it clean if you want to continue to be productive and organized. Make space for a vacuum cleaner, brooms, and other cleaning supplies, and you will always be able to clean and tidy easily and quickly.

Once you complete your new workshop, we promise youíll never want to leave your new favourite place. Stay handy!

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