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What is Biological Pest Control?

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Pests can invade your beautiful home whether you like it or not. When pests feel hungry, they come out of their deepest habitat and search your home for food. Worse, they live inside your home and consume whatever they consider sumptuous.

Exhibit A: termites feeding on wood!

Did you cringe? If you did, you should know that, that is why you do your best to get rid of them! In your search for the best pest control, you come across this so-called biological pest control. So really, what is it?

Natural Way of Killing Pests

While multi-insect killer sprays and other pesticides come in handy at all times, you should give the natural way of killing pests a chance. Biological pest control is an innovation that uses another group of predatory parasites to control a population of pests that harm your home or garden. This is best used when pests have just started invading your home, so that the parasites can easily eat them all.

This innovation is genius. Going the natural way means that you do not have to use chemicals that may also be harmful to you. You will also not need much human labor on accomplishing your pest control. Just free the predatory parasites on the infested part of your house, and they will serve their purpose in life.

Top Beneficial Organisms in Biological Pest Control

- Green Lacewings

These well-known “aphid lions” are taking the front row seats. Lacewings feed on caterpillars, thrips, mites, and insect eggs. They can be purchased at any stage, but their eggs produce fiery larvae that are most helpful in pest control.

- Lady Beetles

More commonly called the lady bug, these beetles are never out of the spotlight. They are highly efficient feeders of aphids, insect eggs, beetle larvae, and young caterpillars. Bring them to your place and your pest problems will be solved.

- Predatory Mites

To complete the list of top beneficial organisms in biological pest control, predatory mites steal the show. They are important enemies of thrips and mites, especially in gardens and interior landscapes. Take note that each type of predatory mite requires specific temperature and humidity to function well.

- Consult the Experts in Pest Control

What you have just read is surely a reliable one, but it is still important to seek professional assistance. You cannot just play guessing games on which predatory parasites to use on pests you find at home. Let the experts in pest control help you! Getting of rid of these unwanted residents will certainly be easy and successful with a reliable pest control company.

Written by BugOut Pest Control & Lawn Care. BugOut Pest Control & Lawn Care offers the best service for pest control in Columbia, MO.

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