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Energy and Money Saving Tips During the Fall

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It is time to say goodbye to the warm summer and say hello to the cold fall and even colder winter. Every year, the cold drives people nuts and makes them turn up their heaters at home. This, of course, causes their electricity bill to skyrocket.

Wanting to keep warm during these cold days should not leave you broke. Here are energy and money saving tips for you during the fall season.

Dress for the cold weather.

For this season, you must resist the urge of using your space heaters. Keep yourself warm with these simple methods.

If you are still wearing shorts like you did during the summer, itís time to take them off. Keep your shorts and your t-shirts inside the closet. While inside the house, wear long sleeves, warm pants, and furry slippers. Add a hat if you still feel cold. This way, you get the warmth that you need without having to raise the temperature in your heater. You are in your house, no one is allowed to judge you.

Take advantage of the sun.

During the day, keep the curtains or blinds on your windows open. This will let the heat of the sun enter the room through the windows. Once the sun is out, close the curtains and blinds to keep the heat from escaping the room. This is another way to keep warm without the help of your heater.

Put proper insulation to your home.

About half of the energy that we use to keep our homes warm during the cold seasons would be wasted if the house is not properly insulated.

Some houses, especially the old ones may have insulation that is not effective. Some may not have any at all. For this, it is important to contact an expert who can properly insulate your home for the fall.

Seal leaks around the doors and windows of your home.

If you look at your doors and windows closely, you will notice that there are gaps between the window or the door and the wall that surrounds it. Air passes through these gaps. If not properly sealed, the heat coming from your heater can just escape the room easily.
Keep your heating systems properly maintained.

Review the manual of your heater at home and find out the kind of maintenance that it needs. Heaters should be operating efficiently to avoid wasting energy. Call a trustworthy heating and cooling company and schedule a maintenance check-up for your heating system.

Written by APM Construction Services, a construction and home maintenance company that is the best choice for heating and cooling in Columbia, MO.

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