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Cleaning and Finishing Hardwood Floors

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The people who have wooden floors in their places must be aware of the fact that with the passage of time the luster of the wood flooring is lost and is decreased down to very low levels. Normally the solution put up by the experts and the home owners who face this problem is to simply sand the floor down till the raw wood is visible and then refinish is completely. However this solution may not work always and it may prove to be a disaster in many ways. Therefore one has to look for some real and professional solutions which would be of use and help in many ways.

Al the kinds of wood floorings are covered with a coating which is clear in appearance and it may become dull over time. Sometimes it may also have scratches due to which it starts giving an old and dull look. In order to give your scuffed and dull wood flooring a new look and to recover the damages of the floor, you need to repair it and refinish it so that it may loo new and attractive once again. By applying proper techniques of refinishing of the wooden floor, you will be able to make it just the way it was when it was made and appeared in the first look.

In this article we will discuss some useful points and tips regarding the refinishing of your wooden floor and you will surely be benefited from this discussion.

Important things about finishing of the wooden floors:

While beginning the job of finishing of the wooden floor, you must keep in mind that 90 percent work in this task is regarding the preparation of the floor. You must thoroughly clean the floor before beginning the procedure of finishing, if you found it difficult to clean it by yourself then you can always hire Houseproud home cleaners for cleaning services. If there is even a fraction of dirt on the floor, you will not get the desired results of finishing of the floor.

The next important phase of finishing is to make the touch ups. If there are any scratches or deep scars on the floor, you must fill them up first and then move on further. The next step is roughening up of the already existing finish on the floor. This can be done easily by means of sanding of the floor. There are sanding screens available which will help you in roughening up of the floor. Finally your floor will be prepared for recoating and finishing. This preparatory phase of the wooden floor takes a whole day and then you have to switch to the phase of recoating which will not take time more than an hour.

Re-coating of the wooden floor:

Usually mush less time, energy and money is spent on re-coating of the floor as compared to the sanding and touching up of its parts. This procedure is also much less messy as compared to that of sanding the floor down to achieve bare wood. However there is one problem regarding sanding of the floor. While sanding the wooden floor, you may remove some of the wood every time. However in case of the laminate flooring, you should not do this again and again because in this way the thin layer of good looking veneer wood will be removed and the plywood beneath it will be exposed.

In case when re-coating does not work:

Usually it has been observed that re-coating works the best on solid wooden flooring, as well as on the laminated and parquet floors. Sometimes it may not sit on the existing finish of the floor and may not properly adhere to it. Therefore you must be particular about the adhesives which you apply on the floor.

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