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Jack Johnson

5 Myths Most People Have About Solar Energy

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The use of solar energy still has some doubting Thomases. These are at crossroads on whether solar power lives up to the claims of it being a self-sustaining source of energy and a significant investment. Though solar power is undoubtedly environmental friendly and helps cut greenhouse emissions, there are people in Brisbane hesitating to adopt it on their homes. It might be because of the various myths surrounding solar energy. This article attempt to debunk 5 myths most people have about solar energy.

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Solar is not for average households

There are people with a presumption that solar energy systems are costly. That investing in a solar system negates any monetary benefit it yields. The truth is though a solar system installation requires an upfront payment, the investment will pay off in reduced utility bills at the end of the month. For many average Brisbane households, the surplus electricity can be pushed to the national grid to earn you credit. Further, if you adopt solar energy on your home, you stand a chance to benefit from government incentives and rebates.

Solar panels only work on sunny days

There is a wrong assumption that solar panels only work efficiently only on hot days. Itís the reason some people have shied away from going solar. The fact is solar panels work with the rays of the sun falling on their surface. They are not affected by external temperature. So, even in winter months, you have a big chance of generating enough solar energy to meet your requirements.

Your roof can get damages during solar installation

Thereís no reason to fear that installing a solar system might cause leakages or weaken your roof. With professional solar installers in Brisbane, there is no reason to worry. These expert installers use mounts to support your roof when installing solar panels. So, the space where the panels are placed is actually protected. Further, professionals while installing solar panels never hesitate to cover any gaps on your roof with sealants to prevent leakages.

Itís a headache to maintain solar systems

Itís wrong to assume that solar panels are complex systems requiring frequent maintenance and replacement which makes them bothersome. Solar panels work efficiently when their surface is clean and free from obstructions. However, they need cleaning at least once a year.

Solar panels distort the look of your house

Many Brisbane home owners are hesitating to go solar for fear that the panels will distort the look of their homes. Technology has done to the solar energy industry that new models of panels with better appeal have been invented. So, you can find sleek models of panels with thin-film and non-reflective surfaces which merge with your roof. These will not distort the appearance of your roof in any way.

Prices of solar panels have gone down over the years. The best thing is these panels come with a warranty going up to 25 years. Thus, installing a solar system on your property offers concrete savings and is a sensible investment for years to come. Ensure to find reputable solar suppliers and installers in Brisbane, and there will be no turning back.

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