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Jack Johnson

Useful Tips When Cooking On Top Of A Wood Stove

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ID:	10807A wood-burning stove is a great accessory for any homeowner. You can use the top of this stove to cook a variety of things just like on an electric or gas stove. The only difference with a wood stove is lacking a knob for adjusting the flame.

So, you should have ideas for controlling the temperature. It helps create more heat for frying whatever you want in a skillet. Further, you can create less heat for simmering food slowly in a pot. Given are some useful tips when cooking on top of a wood stove.

Find the hottest and slow cooking spot

For effective control of cooking temperatures, you have to know the personality of your stove. So, you should find the spot where it gets hottest on top. Itís here where food will cook the fastest. Here anything you place on top is cooked faster than when put in another spot. This spot is hot enough than other areas away from that particular sport. Perhaps you just want food to keep warm without having it overcooked? Itís then that you can place it away from the sweet spot.

Learn to build a hotter fire

If you are to cook food more quickly, ensure to build a hotter fire. You can do this by using multiple thinner logs in the firebox. These can be about 3 to 4 inches in diameter instead of getting one big one. These thinner logs will burn faster and give off more heat. Do you want the fastest cooking? Well, then you have to fill the firebox with as much flame as possible. Itís the best way to heat the stove.

Use of preheating pans

For fast cooking, you have to preheat your pan. Then, place it empty on top of your stove. Your food is likely to heat faster with the pan and lid already hot by the time you ad food. Use any of the standard pots and pans on your wood stove. Order cast iron wood stoves, these are better at retaining heat than other models. Cast iron pans are a better choice too though others from enamel or stainless steel can also do. Pans with thinner walls will heat quicker and food cooks faster. You can enhance this with a tight fitting lid on your pan.

Occasional rotating of food

When cooking, food might get unevenly heated, it depends on how close it is to the hottest spot of your stove. If your stove is small, you have to regularly stir it or turn the pan periodically. It will ensure that the food is evenly done.

Proper timing is essential

The rate at which your food cooks will vary according to the hotness of your fire. So, itís not only about the cooking time listed in the recipe. You donít have to think that it will take to cook as the last time. This time it might take longer or slower depending on how the fire burns. The trick is always to keep a close watch on your food until you get familiar with how the cast iron stove works. The moment you hear it cooking or smell it, check whether itís ready.

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