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Jack Johnson

Bed bug Control: Here Are 6 Misconceptions To Know

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Do you suspect that you might have a bed bug problem? Well, itís wise to acquaint yourself with enough ideas to successfully handle the problem. There are some myths regarding bed bug control. These might cause harm through making you believe youíre safe or thinking you can resort to DIY techniques. Proper bed bug control requires doing your home if you are to get rid of these crawly creatures from your premises completely. Here are 6 misconceptions to know.

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Bed bugs are seen when thereís an infestation

You donít have to see bed bugs crawling in your home to realize that you need to get rid of them. These pests are great at hiding. It explains why you might not notice them so soon. Donít forget that bed bugs are not easy to see and their elimination tends to be the toughest part. Make sure to look out for signs of bed bugs in your home. The moment you spot any, take action promptly.

Your home is clean and cannot attract bed bugs

When most Canadians envision bed bugs, they picture them as only crawling about in dirty homes. Though it holds some water, it might not always be the case. Bed bugs can dwell in any space with warmth and has a source of food. They can live in a sparkling clean five-star hotel or dirty country home. These creatures are not usually so picky about their surroundings.

DIT techniques can efficiently eliminate these bugs

For bed bugs in Toronto professional assistance is crucial. Itís a wrong move to think hardware stores are a great place to think about for bed bug control. DIY remedies are not sufficient and might escalate the problem. With a professional pest control service, proper techniques and material are used to eliminate bed bugs. If youíre in Barrie or Greater Toronto area, look for a company which uses NESDCA trained canines for effective bed bug control.

Bed bugs can go if you live your home for a while

Most people think bed bugs can starve to death if they leave their home for a while. This is not true. Bed bugs can live for five months without food. By the time you come back to inhabit your home, they will be waiting to give you a great welcome. I donít think you can abandon your home because of these creepy crawlers. Seeking professional assistance is the best option.

Bed bugs only thrive in mattress

Despite being called bed bugs, these creatures can live in other places as well. They mostly live in the seams of mattresses because of proximity to food source. Bedbugs can live in your carpets, couch, closets, and dressers. You can as we pick some in crowded places including theaters or public taxi.

Bed bugs only bite in the dark

These bugs prefer coming out to feed in the cover of darkness. However, light cannot stop a hungry bug from feeding. Some people desperately live the lights on thinking it will make bed bugs to stay away. It only deprives you of sleep but wonít protect you from the ferocious bites of bed bugs.

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