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Simon Hopes

How Office Design Can Promote Peace of Mind

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The times of the cubicle offices are behind us and good riddance. As this was known to be one of the most depressing ways to set an office, with time employees all over the world started being less productive and more unsatisfied with their jobs. Thankfully, serious employers are giving office design more thought, which is only natural, since it can affect their entire business on a very deep level. As we change in our fast-paced world, so does our criteria of what makes most productive office design that also promotes peace of mind and here are some ideas.

Colors Matter

If the offices of your employees are cramped and walls painted dull white, gray or some other uninspiring color, you can bet that your staff will soon lose a good chunk of their motivation. Itís important to think carefully about how youíre going to paint offices of your employees, especially because they all have different jobs, so they need a different kind of impulse from the office space. Go for yellow if you want your employees to be vibrant, energetic and lively. When you want your co-workers to be calm yet assertive, go for light hues of blue. Maybe different shades of green call out to you, in which case you want to inspire productivity, optimism, and the feeling of material security. You can also add colorful pieces of furniture to make the office space more fun, as well as interesting wallpapers to keep things interesting. Just be careful not to overdo it, because the result will be tiring and overwhelming both for the eyes and the brain.

Being Neat Makes a Lot of Difference

Cluttered space Ė cluttered mind is how the rule goes, and if youíve got countless knickknacks, documents, folders and office supplies on your desk, youíll hardly be able to work efficiently. It would be wise to encourage de-cluttering of the office space with your staff, that way everyone will take their workspace seriously, not to mention the positive impact this habit will have on their work and lives in general. Professionals in office interior designs like the staff of suggest that a clean-desk policy will allow the employees to timely finish their tasks and focus better on the work at hand.

Make It Comfortable and Homey

Weíre not saying you should have beds in every office, but you should provide every member of the staff with good-quality office furniture. You donít have to go overboard, but having comfortable chairs that support the spine and desks that arenít too high or too low will make a world of difference. You can even put up instructions on how the employees can adjust their furniture in order to fit their needs best, too many people are still unaware how the height in which the computer monitor is matters. Bring in plant and plenty of daylight into your office space, it will make the work environment look homier and everything will look fresh and alive, especially if paired with the right color of the walls. Bring the plants yourself and let your employees bring them too if they want, it will help them feel more comfortable and the air in the office will be cleaner for it.

Promoting peace of mind in the office can be a challenge, particularly if the job that needs to be done is stressful, but these tips are enough to get you started. Talk to your staff, see what they need and want, and then find a compromise between their desires and productivity-inducing changes.

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