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Top 7 Makeover Ideas for Your Kitchen

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Kitchen is a multifunctional space, which is used more than just for cooking and eating. The true heart of the home, this space has evolved a lot, from a strictly utilitarian unit to a versatile room for preparing food, entertaining guests and sharing meals. Whether you are redecorating, renovating or just updating the space, consider how you live, before you make any changes. Read the following tips given by Cabinets & Designs and transform your kitchen with these wonderful decorative touches:

1. Shelf
For smart and space-saving storage, utilize every inch of your space. Divided shelves are great for this purpose, as it can hold linens, plates as well as serving pieces. To give the whole look a decorative touch, you can choose wood shelves with glass inserts for a more open look.

2. Monochrome look
If you consider sticking to a monochromatic palette, it will still add interest to your kitchen. A continuous pattern such as a modern black and white zigzag, running across a counter is graphic as well as uncommon. If you need a place to store favorite accessories or hold frequently-used tools, you can invest in a pull-out, peg board cabinet.

3. Neutral zones
If you are planning to have a kitchen in neutral color, you can use different shades of cream, ivory or grey. Also, with the help of a wall of cabinets, floor to ceiling, you can maximize the storage.

4. Great room
It can be really exciting to decorate a kitchen that opens up into the main living area. A big sized table placed in this type of kitchen will be great to accommodate game nights, holiday dinners and not to mention, intense science projects. You can use a striped rug and an oversized drum shade, if you want to keep the vibe casual, cool and modern.

5. Vibrant colors
If you want to decorate your kitchen in a modern style, you can embrace bold and vibrant colors and high-gloss finish. Go for cherry red and vanilla white lacquer cabinets, as this will take your kitchen to daring heights. Keep the rest of your accessories in this color palette, to avoid visual commotion.

6. High design
Multiple windows and large vaulted ceilings can make your kitchen feel larger than it actually is. If your space is black and white, you can keep wooden furniture in your kitchen to warm it up and give it life.

7. Island
If your kitchen is sleek and modern, and have black and white as a base color, add a splash of color to it. Layer a striped rug over a seamless floor, and it will add texture. Rather than recessed lighting, you can opt for a pair of chandeliers from the ceilings to give the entire setup an unexpected twist.

Every kitchen needs makeover to spice up the space and make it a more fabulous one. In fact, there are a number of good kitchen designing companies out there that can make your kitchen stand out. One such company is Cabinets & Designs, where you will get customized cabinets as well as one of the best kitchen designs in the industry.

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