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Bathroom Trends to Look Forward to in 2018

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The bathroom is now becoming more than a place for hygiene. It has evolved to a space for me-time, relaxation, and beauty rituals. It is just natural for bathroom trends to evolve with the shift. Bathroom décors and furnishings have changed and evolved.

Thinking of renovating your bathroom or in the process of building your home? Here are some bathroom trends to try this 2018.

Lifestyle Bathroom

The bathroom is more than a practical room for cleaning up. It is turning into an additional living area for most homes. Soft furnishings, storage that looks like furniture, and stylish lighting can now be found alongside showers and mirrors.

Mixed Materials

From flooring to furniture, the bathroom is the perfect place to play with the use of mixed materials. Take the tap, where crystals, marble, and even timber are being utilized for the handle.

The integration of wood in the design of the bathroom gives it a warm, natural, and homey atmosphere. Wood can be used in your bathroom storage and bathroom furniture. Mixed with white, it gives your bathroom a clean look and sleek contrast.

Ceramics are beloved bathroom materials. They now come out in various designs and patterns, some even imitating wood and concrete. Apart from ceramics, natural stones such as quartz and marble are bathroom material favorites. Quartz can be used on your floors, walls, counters, and vanities.

The Industrial Look

Thinking of how to hide those piping? Don’t. On the contrary, the trend now is emphasizing them to give your bathroom a modern and industrial appeal. Referred to as the NYC-loft industrial trend by designers, it is a trend that will stand the test of time. It also gives your bathroom a unique look. This trend is characterized by metal tubs, exposed pipes, metal sinks, and raw brick walls.

The High-Tech Bathroom

Technological advancement is changing the world, and the bathroom was not able to escape its claws. Mirror with LED lighting, temperature regulators, high-tech shower jets, and lights with motion detection are now common in new and newly renovated bathrooms.

Open and Airy Bathrooms

A bathroom is considered a sanctuary by many. Bathrooms are now made larger or roomier. If this is not possible, design techniques are used to make the room appear larger. Large tiles, mirrors, and bright paint colors are used to give the illusion of a larger space.
Ready to give your bathroom a major makeover? All home renovation projects require careful and sound planning to be successful. Call a professional custom home builder to help you with the design and execution process.

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