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Simon Hopes

Small furniture placement tips

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A general house renovation can include a new layout of the spaces according to the modern lifestyle. The new layout leads to the need to place furniture in different positions from the previous ones to ensure their good functionality.

Placement of furniture in a room is a difficult task because it requires complex thoughts and actions to ensure a pleasant living within it. Since space is empty from furniture try to imagine it with furniture in the appropriate places.

Step one: Make the center of the area according to your needs

First decide what the central element of the space will be, what determines it. It can be anything from a fireplace to a piece of furniture or a work of art. Placement of furniture should highlight this element, for example, the sofas and armchairs of the living room should be framed by a fireplace.

Step two: The bigger goes first

Start furnishing every room with the largest furniture. If it about the living room, it can be the sofa, as for the bedroom, you should place the bed at first. Before selecting its location, you should think of the the space considering the door, the balcony door or the window, the placing of the room with the rest of the house. You should be careful about the right place of every furniture in the room in order to be functional and a place of comfort.

Step three: The details matter

Consider placing the smaller furniture and place it next to the larger one, in a way that it will cover all the appropriate space.

The furniture should be slightly spaced from the walls to give a sense of free space. The waist and side tables should be spaced apart from the sofas and armchairs not too close so as to be apart, but not too far away so as to be like a part of these objects. In addition, consider whether the distance between the couch and the waist table should allow passage.

Step four: Don’t be afraid to combine things

Combine furniture of different sizes and height to make the space look interesting and avoid monotony. Think about the scale and proportion of furniture and how they fit into the scale of the space in which you want to place them. A very small table next to a massive sofa looks very "poor", a tiny painting is not so fancy on a big wall, and a great work of art is like it wants to jump out of a small wall.

Choose the size of the carpets in the room. A very small carpet creates the feeling that space is small and looks very awkward. If you want to have a sense of comfort and spaciousness, you should choose carpets that stretch under the furniture.

Take care of the artworks and their place on the walls. You can choose a table or smaller ones in a harmonic composition. Hang them so that their center composition is at the height of the eye of a standing observer. Do not forget to place wall lamps on the top of the artworks in order to make them look brighter.

The right placement of the furniture is complemented by the choice of the appropriate position and the type of luminaires. In addition to the general lighting of the room, consider local lighting of any kind. With the right choice and placement of furniture in the rooms the renovation of the house, will give you a great feeling, as it will offer a new dimension in the space. You do not have to spend a lot of money on a renovation. You just need to be creative.

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