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Easily Tips to Put Your Shoes in Order

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It is very irritating to get home and to constantly stumble on a pair of shoes. It's also quite annoying about the first thing you see at home when you get tired of work, being the family's dirty shoes everywhere in the living room.

What can you do to put this chaos of shoes in order? There are some very easy solutions and they are going to make your life way easier.

Shoes’ bench

They call it a shoe bench and it’s mini furniture that can store up to 10 pairs of shoes. You can put it next to the entrance to arrange the shoes you usually wear during the week. The most important thing and also the reason of its name is that this furniture has a place on it where you can sit on it in order to wear or take off your shoes easily.


One more beautiful solution is placing wicker baskets. You can put a shelf in your bin and place baskets for your shoes. The wicker baskets are a good solution because they help the shoes to be ventilated. Be sure to put an aroma stick inside each basket to make your space and your shoes smell nice and fresh.


This shoe storage method is mainly for women who prefer heels. Just by placing wires so as you can save yourself from the shoes that are in the middle of your room in the minute. You just hang the wires next to the entrance of your house and get everything in order. This trick is fantastic because you can always see all your favorite shoes and choose what's best suited to your clothes every day. In addition, the wire can easily be moved to another room whenever you have guests.

Open boxes

It is very easy to find small boxes in various colors that are in such a size that just fit all your shoes except boots and booties. Nowadays it is one of the fashion trends to use all this open boxes not only for your shoes but your kitchen items too. You can pick one of the various motives and place it in an order and put one of the amazing items you will find at on the wall above and the result will be so functional and trendy too.

Hanging shelves

Hanging shelves are also a good solution that will save you space as it is placed on the wall and not on the floor. If you want to put them next to the door then you should prefer wooden hanging shelves that look more beautiful in this space. For your wardrobe you can simply get textile hanging shelves.

Shoes’ storage furniture

If you want something more classic for your house, you can buy one of the storage furniture that you can find almost everywhere, with special shelves designed to fit all your shoes. It should be closed with small doors so as nothing cannot be easily visible. You can even design your own according to your needs.

Put them on a tray

Find a large iron or wooden tray and use it in order to put the shoes you use more often. Place a basket next to the umbrellas and a few coat hangers and you have everything in order in the entrance of your house.

Circular device

One more option that is really useful and unique is the circular. Here, you can place your shoes but this device has an automatic mechanism that makes them turn around and as a result you choose more easily which pair of shoes you are going to wear.

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