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Simon Hopes

Decorating tips if you want to be happy

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You may think that happiness is something elusive and unfeasible or something that only belongs to our childhood, but this is absolutely wrong. Happiness, according to experts, is hidden in small, simple and everyday things like your favorite song, a piece of your favorite sweet or your house. However, the positive energy comes from the way our house looks, so we are going to find out all the decoration secrets that happy people in order to have a happy life too.

Turn into yellow

Research show that we tend to feel more joyful when we see this intense, lively and playful color as it unlocks the tendency for creation and communication. However, if you think that this color is too bright, you can only add this happy color pierce your home through accessories, flowers or plants.

Small changes, great results

Are you feeling bored with the decoration of your house? You are not the only one! Changing the arrangement of the furniture or the position of the decoration in your space will change your mood too. According to the expertsí statements, even the smallest, subtle changes in our house make us feel more joyful and positive!

(Self) Organization Now!

Happy people are fans of both organization and creativity. In other words, if you want your home look tidy, clean, stylish and full of positive energy, it's time to find smart, fresh and creative solutions in order to store all of the things you rarely use. In fact, you can also use them as decorative elements of your house, such as baskets and beautiful storage boxes for your magazines or vintage dishes and ashtrays for your jewelry.

Place it on the wall

It is really important that your paintings and frames are super stylish and fashionable, but it is even more important to express you and to make you feel nice. So you can fill the walls of your home with everything that makes you happy, either itís your family photos and postcards from the places you've visited or posters of your favorite movies and pages from your favorite books. You can also add some design tiles on the wall of your living room and the result will be more stunning.

Lights, please!

The perfect lighting of your room can make the area look bigger and wider. At the same time, experts point out that all the places that lack of light can make us loose our energy and feel miserable. What does that mean? It means that the beautiful lamp you wanted to buy for your living room will sure change the look of your space and will get you in a great mood too.

Into the woods

Recent researches show that flowers and plants can positively affect our emotional balance. And you may not plan to become a gardener, but you can just fill your empty vases with a few fresh flowers. And if this is not enough to convince you, I want to remind you those fresh flowers will give you luxury and elegance in your home.

Besides all the above, one thing is the most important and the one that everyone forgets. Every new day in our life is a present and we think of it only in that way. Some people are trying really hard to stay in life and we think of it as guaranteed. But it is not. We should be happy that we are able to weak up, open our eyes and look the beautiful sun every single day. And then we can decide which decorative tip is best suitable for our own house.


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