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Cleaning and Maintenance of Vinyl Windows

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ID:	10884Proper installation is not the final step that homeowners should be concerned about.

They have to take great care of how the windows are working and whether there is a need of post-installation services or not.

Since window replacement demands a significant amount of investment, selecting vinyl windows turn out to be the best decision as they can last for a longer time period than their counterparts.

Yes, vinyl windows are durable and reliable enough to meet all homeownersí requirements, they still need annual maintenance and cleaning services to avoid potential problems. Itís common to see replacement vinyl windows available with a 20-year warranty in which, homeowners can replace or repair damages as needed. But, what about improper use and human negligence? Are they covered as well? Well, they are not because there is no compensation for mishandling.

Having vinyl windows doesnít mean that people do not have to pay attention on their upkeep because they material can get damaged if not given timely attention. Experts, available at, have also designed a guide to assist in this regard. Letís have a look at the following few facts:

1. Correct Operation

One of the common human-caused problems is improper handling and operation of vinyl windows. Owners usually complain about cracked, bent or broken window frames without realizing the fact that problems may have been caused due to their negligence. Since every window type contains different operational features that ensure smooth movement for years. Itís, therefore, necessary to learn how to operate the components with care and avoid their frames and sashes to get affected in any way.

2. Cleaning of the Window Glass

Remember that glass panes need a mild soapy mixture and soft cloth for cleaning. Avoid using harsh detergents and sharp or hard stuff as they may damage their finish and smoothness. Streaks may appear if alcohol or ammonia-based cleaners are used. As for cleaning movement, prefer circular motion and remove adhesive residues, paint or oil with the help of elbow grease. While cleaning the interior side, wipe the frames and surfaces in order to avoid water damage or spotting.

3. Cleaning the Exterior

To clean the exterior, vinyl windows only require owners to focus on dirt and dust because they are virtually maintenance free and do not get damaged as quickly as their counterparts. Vinyl frames need cleaning after every one or two years so that they can resist deteriorating and discoloring efficiently.

4. Cleaning the Sash Tracks

Based on their very nature, sash tracks are responsible for ensuring proper functioning of the components. They have to provide maximum airtight facility and resist water drainage during rain. Similar to the exterior, sash tracks can be cleaned with a mild soap and warm water. Homeowners should understand that their cleaning is important to prevent wearing-out of rollers, locks, hinges and weather stripping.

Things to Avoid While Cleaning Vinyl WindowsThere are some precautions that homeowners should always follow at any cost:

  • Avoid using abrasives, citrus, ammonia, siding or vinegar washes on the hardware.
  • Donít clean the glass surfaces when they are facing the sun directly. Detergent or soap may dry on the surface and leave residues.
  • Never use acid cleaners, high pressure sprays, harsh abrasives or any strong solvent on the components.
  • While cleaning the frame or glass surface, donít use steel wood, knives or blades.

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