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Brand New Ways to Pull Off Modern Coastal Interiors

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Every now and then we need to renovate our homes. Whether we are compelled to do this because of changing trends, technical difficulties or major decay, this is always a good opportunity to freshen up and inject some vigor into your interiors. If you decide to bring coastal design into your house, you will get relaxed, yet vibrant atmosphere that will boost your mood even if you live deep in the continental region. If such ideas spark your interest, here are some brand-new ways to pull off modern coastal interiors.

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The broad strokes

If you want to achieve the aquatic appeal of modern interiors, you have to start off with broad strokes – in this case, the choice of colors. The overall color combination is what sets the mood and if you want to create coastal interiors, you should consider going with white as your primary color, and ocean-blue as the secondary.

This way, you’ll have a bright interior which is outlined with striking and vivacious stretches of blue motifs. Furniture padded with ocean-blue cloths, blue curtains, and tiles framed with white walls and wooden surfaces – this can really sell the desired look. Also, if you’re in love with turquoise, turning your interiors into a “home of the ancient mariner” is as good an opportunity to implement this hue as you’ll ever get.

However, you should not feel confined to these broad strokes. Coastal interior has countless iterations from every corner of the globe. Before you begin the renovation process, browse the internet for inspiring examples and flip through architecture and design magazines to ignite the spark of ideas for your new ocean-inspired digs.

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The kitchen and the dining area

The kitchen is the best place to start your coastal interior remodel. Add a layer of vintage tiling above the counters to truly push this idea. Ocean-inspired motifs and details are fine if they are sensible, but don’t feel confined to it. Renovate your kitchen windows to open the area for influx of more natural light. Of course, the weathered look will always associate people with beach-inspired style.

Going with the coastal design gives you an excellent opportunity to create a charming dining island area. The centerpiece of this island is the dining table, so you should definitely take your time finding the perfect fit. Venturing out on the flea market during the weekend is a good opportunity to browse for true gems when it comes to tables and chairs. If you find a weathered table, you can always repaint it with your preferred color – though if the stained wood looks interesting enough, you should probably just lacquer it and fix the potential damage.

Remember – you’re looking for interesting textures that can mesh well with the rustic appearance of the coastal dining area. In the end, everything needs to combine appropriately – even if you are going for eclectic design. From chandelier to blue pillows on twig chairs, it all needs to communicate the exciting promise of the ocean-bound adventure right beyond the picket fence. The details like Le Creuset coastal inspired kitchenware is what can sell this “illusion” completely.

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A proper décor

However, kitchenware is not the only detail that is required to achieve the visual consistency of a home near the beachside – and this is where the truly fun part of the renovations begins. Go on a rampage around town and visit all the possible antique shops and markets you can think of in search of a proper décor for a coastal interior. For example, place a few sailboat sculptures on top of weathered cupboards and rustic bars that separate the kitchen and the dining room. Find the paintings of ocean sunsets and seafaring life which you can hang on the wall right next to seahorse ornamentals. Finally, collect a few impressive seashells you can place right beside your sailboat models.

Try to use these details in practical ways. For example, find a shelf that is big enough to serve as a fruit bowl. Purchase a few twig baskets that can hold a whole assortment of paraphernalia. Start a small DIY project to adorn the glass bottle tops with seashells. If you have enough material to work with, you can even line your mirror frame with shells, as well as your desk lamps. However, this can look rather kitschy if the room is already oversaturated with gaudy sea-inspired details. In the end, it is up to you– your imagination is the limit.

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Greenery is your ally

Furthermore, greenery can be a great ally in evoking the coastal atmosphere in your interior. It’s a given that greenery can truly spruce up your interior spaces, make it look livelier and aesthetically more pleasing. Purchase a few nice clay pots and place some exotic looking cacti into it. Additionally, while you are on summer vacation, take some time out of your hedonistic activities to scan the shoreline for interesting looking rocks and shell husks. Once you return home, put this sea-floor gravel into the pots around the cacti for a maximum visual impact.

The beauty of interior design lies in the fact that it is a truly customizable field that lends you a chance to express your aesthetic preferences. Coastal design of the interior is one of those “themes” we rarely think of, but it can truly reinvigorate your living space. Mild pastels, bright colors and vibrant combinations with rustic appeal are the greatest features of this design. If this is something that truly speaks to your sensibilities, you should definitely go for it!

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