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5 Silly Mistakes To Avoid While Selecting Reception Desks

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Are you planning to design your office space anytime soon? Do you know how impactful the furniture is on the overall appearance of the place? Preparation before execution is essential!

Get the furniture right at the outset to avoid time-consuming, costly repercussions!

Ugly-costly Mistakes

If the exterior and interiors of your office are finalised, then you need to focus on reception desks because it is the first thing that people see when they enter the office. Read ahead to know what to avoid while finalising reception desks:

  1. Forgetting its primary use

Never forget the primary use of the reception desk while deciding on a design, i.e. how many monitors would be installed on the desk and how many people will be using it. This will allow you to know what size is required and some crucial details on the design to ensure convenience, appealing appearance and efficient use.

  1. Ignoring its texture and design

What should the desk feel like? What should the desk look like? Do these questions sound important? They obviously are.

You need to think thoroughly before finalising the design and texture of the desk because apart from impacting the appearance of the desk, it will also affect the budget and productivity of the personnel using it. Yes, you heard it right! The texture and appearance of furniture affect productivity.

Select the material of the wood and design carefully to avoid a negative impact on the efficiency!

  1. Budget overstepping

Do you have a specific number in mind? Avoid stepping over the furniture budget by choosing an expensive material or a costly installer. Spend wisely; just like you have done while taking care of the exterior and other interior installations.

Some key points to help:

  • Ensure thorough research
  • Plan cautiously
  • Keep a checklist
  • Choose the right material and installer
  • Check budget every now and then

  1. Not planning the installation

Have you finalised an installation expert yet? Do you know how critical it is to choose the right installer, else all your hard-earned money will just go down the drain? Installation is a technical task, and if you are planning to do it yourself, then you are not aware of problems, my friend. Different designs have different installation techniques, and only experts can help you execute them smoothly.

Donít try to save up on the installation process by planning to do it yourself; hire professionals instead!

  1. Not focusing on its maintenance

Just like everything else, even wooden furniture requires regular maintenance. You might be wondering what can go wrong with its maintenance even before purchasing it, right? Thatís an excellent thought. Have you thought about how you can keep it as good as new? People donít think it through which lead them to choose a material which either requires costly maintenance or experienced professionals that are not readily available in their area. This is something which is usually missed out on; being the most annoying mistake of all.

Make sure you donít commit the same mistake as others; always act wisely!

Now that you know...

Now that you know about the common silly mistakes that most people fall prey to, you can take more informed decisions which can help you spend less and still get better results than the ones who have spent way more than you. There is no secret sauce to choosing the right desk material or design; the only things that can help you take the best decision for yourself are: avoid mistakes and know what you are doing, and if you donít, then hire someone who does!

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