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A Guide on Different Dining Table Shapes

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Dining table of the focal point of any dining room and hence it is necessary that you choose the one that not only suit the space of your dining hall, but also amalgam with your lifestyle. Smaller houses usually have kitchen tables which serve the purpose of a dining table and it covers a variety of different uses. Today, dining tables are available in different sizes and shapes and hence there is no need of sacrificing space for style. Below is the guide on Dining Table Shapes which will help you to make the right selection of table shape that best suit your house and kitchen.

The Rectangular Dining Table Shape

Rectangular shape is the most common dining table Shape today that is common found in every home. When it comes to accommodate larger number of guests, then rectangular dining table is the best choice. Its narrow and longer design lends to huge scale entertaining with host position on each edge. The linear and simple shape of the rectangular table easily fits into any space and enables easy moving of the table when your guests are walking around the table. For smaller space, the rectangular tables can be shifted towards the walls to create additional space in your dining room. But you are really has shortage of space in your dining hall then opt for the long dining benches rather than going for dining chairs.

Round Shape Dining Table

The most useful and versatile Dining Table Shape is the round dining table that works in any size of dining hall. The round shape of the dining table helps you create an aura of intimacy in your dining hall and also encourages a entire table chat. Due to its circular shape it can also be used cleverly in smaller spaces too and since it has no corners, maximum number of people can sit around the table. You must look for the round dining table with pedestal shape which gives extra leg room to your guests and they donít have to content with awkwardly positioned table legs.

Square Shape Dining Table

The square dining table shape is ultimate option for smaller houses where spaces are a constraint for homeowners. The square shape of the dining table serves multi functional purposes as you can easily push it towards the corner of the room and create extra shape. If there are only 2-3 people in the house, then this square shaped dining table would be the obvious choice. It creates a sense of symmetry and balance in the small dining room.

Oval Shape Dining Table

If you are confused between square and rectangular dining table, then simply for the oval shaped dining table. This is the unique shape that combines the linear layout of the rectangular dining table with the flexibility and intimacy of the round Dining Table Shape. This is the type of dining table that works efficiently in any shape and size of dining hall. The round shape edges of the dining table usually integrate the curves into space, thereby supporting you to break-up the angular lines and soften the design scheme.

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