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Great Design Ideas for a More Productive Workplace

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Aside from a healthy lifestyle that involves a balanced diet and regular exercise, there are other factors that can affect your mood and energy levels, as well as productivity at work. For starters, personal environment plays a huge role for the way you feel and act. Similarly, the way your office space is designed and organized can make a difference between a productive day at work and complete slumber. Of course, itís important to take into account your own personal preferences when it comes to the overall look of the office, but there are still some very effective design ideas that you should consider if your goal is to boost work performance and general satisfaction.

1. Flexible space with freedom of movement

The office layout is the first thing that needs to be considered in this case. If the goal is to boost productivity, this means that the layout has to be functional and flexible, and allow people to move around freely. For starters, you should be able to reach all the necessary documents and stationary without having to break the concentration. Moreover, itís paramount that you can get up from your desk and move around without having to pay attention to other pieces of furniture. If youíre working on the whole office space for a number of employees, the flexibility should be a priority. Namely, designate a specific area for every task in the office, including the entertainment or break-time sections.

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2. Office essentials

There are plenty of office essentials. For starters, if you want a productivity boost, ergonomic furniture is a must. Obviously, your focus should be on desks and chairs. If desks and chairs cause neck and back pain, you canít expect anyone to feel productive or focused. Letís not forget about stationary, as well as other details such as a water cooler, kitchen, bathroom and cleaning necessities, etc. if you want to design the whole company office. In the end, there are a lot of things to take care of but this doesnít have to cost you an arm and a leg. Thanks to the amazing end of financial year sale, you can equip your office properly and get the best deals. Not everything has to be bought immediately at the highest prices!

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3. Lighting that works best

Lighting is extremely important for office productivity and the overall health, and it seems incredible that so many people still ignore this issue. If the lights are too dim, or overly bright, the strain on the eyes can be really painful and uncomfortable. In general, the more natural light you manage to get in, the better, as natural light is a natural way to boost productivity and happiness. When it comes to artificial lighting, full-spectrum light bulbs seem like the best option. You can always install dimmer switches so that you can adjust the level of brightness during the day however necessary and most pleasant.

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4. Add a touch of nature

Together with natural light, thereís nothing better to use as your office dťcor that can also help with productivity than living plants. In general, tall plants with luscious foliage work the best when it comes to providing a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, cleaning the air, and boosting the productivity of everyone around. You can always choose plants that are low maintenance if you worry about putting too much effort into caring for them. However, donít neglect the need that everyone, no matter how accustomed to urban living, has for the natural world.

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5. Enrich the space with colors

In order to design a more productive workplace you have to forget about the commonly plain, cold and gray appearance of the office. Quite the contrary, itís the bright colors that work the best in this regard. Of course, you can consult the color theory in order to choose the best shade and color combos for your particular workplace and business niche. The shades, hues and tones can effectively help with relaxation, creativity boost, encouragement and willpower as well as the productive and happy aspect of the whole work day.

As you go about your workplace design, keep in mind that maximalism has no place in the office. A couple of personal touches is beneficial, of course, but going overboard with details can only have a negative effect on productivity.

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