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Jack Johnson

How To Choose The Best Colour For Timber Windows

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Colour plays a significant part in design. It is the most personal and dramatic design statement you can make on your home.

Choosing the right colour will significantly transform your home. This goes a long way to portray your personality, creates a good mood, and enhances wellbeing.

It is a wonderful idea to opt for timber windows for their various benefits. However, care is necessary to choose a perfect finish for your windows. Below is a guide on how to choose the best colour for timber windows.

Consider internal and external harmony

An integral aspect of having a perfect look for your home is to ensure you choose finish that works harmoniously with the internal and external appeal of your home. The finish on your timber windows should match with the paint inside the house and the materials on the outside. For a bold finish, ensure to keep the internal finish more natural. This should accentuate the wall finish inside your home but ensure to keep the interior space light.

A dual colour finish offers wonderful aesthetic and offers flexibility to be creative. When experimenting with colours, you can opt for a grey or black external finish but have the window frame in crisp white. This will reflect natural light but remain neutral. If you opt for bold colour on the exterior entrance door but you have the interior in a neutral finish, there is a chance for a light and bright hallway.

Consider your surroundings

It is important to consider your surroundings when choosing colour for your timber windows in Melbourne. The surrounding can offer a wonderful inspiration. If you are remodeling a Victorian style Townhouse, a blend of style and colour of the surrounding properties can offer inspiration.

Usually, the most appropriate idea would be to opt for simple white and cream for your windows. If your home has rolling hillsides nearby, options such as oatmeal and moss grey are great inspirations from nature. This is a wonderful option to create a connection with your surroundings.

Mind your style

Choosing the right colour for timber windows is a personal decision. Therefore, always ensure to choose a colour that effortlessly reflects your style. Luckily, wooden windows offer a wide range of colour options. It is very important to consider the design you are seeking to achieve. Crisp white is a wonderful option if you want a simple but timeless appeal on your home. This comes with a variety of shade options including pure white and muted white. The choice is yours to choose a shade that appeals to you.

Ice cream colours also come handy to offer a trendier appeal. if you are considering a bolder look, you should opt for inky blues. These create a bold impact when used on the entrance door and is good for features on white painted door frames.

Bottom line

Timber is a wonderful option for your home. The best thing is the chance to choose the colour choice that appeals to your sense of style and architectural feel.

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