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Bookcase & Display Cabinets

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A wide range of display cabinets and bookshelves is offered by the one of the most exquisite furniture house ďLa Maison ChicĒ. Unique, both new and antique, designs and styles are offered by La Maison Chic.

We offer a wide range to the customers, designs from French Display cabinets to French bookcase. Moreover, unlike other bookcases you will find in the market these are 100% pure wooden bookcases. We research a lot prior to the crafting of our bookcases and cabinets whether they are industrial display cabinets or French living room furniture. After putting a lot of effort and time into crafting the unique and exquisite cabinetry we confidently put them up on display.

As we are all aware of the fact that there are one too many designs out in the market as far as cabinetry and furniture are concerned. French Display Cabinet, without a doubt, happens to be the fast selling cabinets on the market. The French furniture is highly regarded all over the world for its unique designs and high durability. French Chateau Bookcases are loved by customers for the detailed work on them.

We believe the books are an asset that needs to be cared for, hence we provide you with the best home for them. Moreover, we bring forth a number of cabinets and bookcases that will leave your eyes attracted towards them. You will find the cabinetry in our stores made out of glass, metal, reclaimed wood, etc. Chinese display cabinets are also available at our stores which can be kept in your house to display various accessories in your possession
Types of bookcase those are available at La Maison Chic.

Wooden carved bookcases / wooden bookcases

These are carefully crafted mostly to fulfill the needs of a barrister. As the name give away the hint, these types of the bookcase are crafted in England and are suited for lawyers, for the wide range of books in their possession. These come with a glass front and detailed woodwork.

Painted Bookcases

These wooden display cabinets are mostly used in the rooms and most importantly in the center to act as a partition. These are often open from both the sides and you can see through them. They can either be used as a means to display the decorative accessories or books. They also happen to add to your homeís beauty.

Sidewall/corner Bookcases

These are really attractive and are used by the house owners to display the trip down their memory lane by putting up framed pictures on it. These bookcases are recommended for the house owners who wish to fill the little space in their room they donít like in the corner. While it fulfills its basic job to fill that gap it also adds to the beauty of your room. These cabinets give your room a touch of elegance which is desired by almost everyone.

The La Maison Chic also specialize in the crafting of Louis Style Bookcases, French Bookcases, French Chateau Bookcases and French Display Cabinets.

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