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Sudarsan Chakraborty

Why Imperial Services Is The Best Option For You

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With a plethora of cleaning services companies in Singapore, who promise a heaven in service provision, why should you choose impressive services cleaning company? The choice is crystal clear, we have raised the bar so that right from our superior customer experience team to the cleaning team. We are not only doing a great job but an outstanding one. We understand that being invited in someone’s home or premises is not a right but a privilege and that’s why we will do our best to give you a cleaning experience of a kind.

But what really makes us the condo company of choice?

1. A highly trained team of professional cleaners

For Imperial cleaning services, it’s our calling to do an outstanding cleaning job and that is why we have invested in the best team of cleaners. We recruit through a rigorous process where only the best quality. We also offer on the job training to furnish the staff with the ever-changing work environment. Not at any given point will you ever find one of our staff lacking in skills- not at all. The team is highly motivated through handsome pay and we occasionally give appreciation gifts to ensure that they are always motivated.

2. We have the right tools and equipment

With our services ranging from regular, one-time cleaning, spring-cleaning, mattress cleaning, among others, we have invested in the necessary tools and equipment, which ensures that we meet the client’s expectations. Where we need vacuum cleaning or mopping, we have what you need. This has won us trust from many companies and individuals across the busy Singapore. We always replenish the worn out and ‘tired’ equipment with the best in the market and therefore whichever time you need our services and no matter the magnitude of work, we have the requisite stuff to accomplish our task.

3. Years of experience

With more than 5 years of experience, we have seen the cleaning industry go through a revolution. From scratch, the Singaporean population can boast of having the best cleaning companies the world over and this has been due to our resilience and hard work to ensure a clean Singapore. From the condominiums to offices and individual homes, the environment is dazzling and this is courtesy of Imperial cleaning services. Our teams have sufficient experience in handling a variety of assignments in all kinds of buildings. Therefore, whether you are a corporate, an individual, real estate and such, you can trust us to deliver only the best.

4. The variety of services

We offer a variety of services from home cleaning, office cleaning to condo cleaning. Whatever place you’d want to be cleaned, we are there to offer the service. We do weekly, daily, bi-monthly, monthly, yearly and one-time cleaning. We are a flexible service provider and therefore ready to take up the assignments any time. Whether you require fumigation or even polishing of some furniture in the office, we have our team ready to attend to you.

5. We are affordable

We understand the pain you go through to earn that single coin and that is why we charge reasonably for our services. We also give discounted services to our loyal customers and extra services for all our customers. Our aim is to make sure that you get value for the much you spend.

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