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Simon Hopes

Short On Space In Your Living Room? Worry Not!

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There is an underlined common myth in people’s minds that small living rooms cannot be beautiful, for having a nice living room, you need more space. But what people do not understand is, there is no connection between a good living room and a big one. Surely, in a bigger room you can do much more but is that what is priority for a better room?

Visit the best online furniture stores and they will shower you with ideas utilising each corner of your small living room and making it look gorgeous! Here are some tips:

  1. Multi-Use Furniture:

When we speak of small living rooms, multipurpose furniture is your best mate. For instance, you place a coffee table as the centre piece- get once wherein you can store things inside and use to gather the clutter of things required occasionally in your living room. If it is a petite room, use your sofa sets in an ‘L’ shape so that it utilises the corner space between two walls as well, which would otherwise get wasted.

  1. Go Vertical Instead Of The Horizontal:

When the room is small, you may not add to it by just using space, instead be smart and design your wallpaper in a vertical manner. The lack of space shows more evidently when your walls possess a length or a horizontal wall design. Keeping it straight down suits the space design and makes it look much cleaner.

  1. Light It Up:

When your room space is limited, you can work around other factors in the room to make the room look compact and not small. One of them is by using lighting to your advantage. For instance, if you have a central coffee table or teapoy, you can use an some of the overhanging pendant lights online and position it around the table. This combination will work wonderfully. Get such combinations right and it is sure to add a ‘wow’ factor to your living room.

  1. Get Good Distractions:

Distractions here, are objects that will take the attention away from room width and length and focus it upon themselves. Occupying least space and gaining maximum limelight, armchairs are a brilliant example for this. You can select different types of armchairs as you buy chairs online and allow it to be the highlight of your living room. A larger than life piece or flower vase or some unique statues or pieces at prime spots are sure to grab your guests’ attention.

  1. Get Fresh Additions & Change The Look:

Another idea is to get fresh and unique additions to your simple existing living room. These are small little pieces, which when used properly create an impact together. You may use a rug, easily available as you search for carpets and rugs online, under your central table and use it separately another time by taking out the table and placing a pillow or two around a coffee tray. The same space and same objects can be used, just amp re-placement or changing of position.

Keep all this in mind as you buy furniture online and do not allow the size of your living room to affect its beauty!

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