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Derek Lotts

Vintage & Rustic Style Room Décor Ideas

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Decorating your home in this day and age is probably easier than ever – with so many different styles and ideas, you can do whatever you want and still end up with a cozy and elegant home every member of your family will enjoy. However, lots of people love going back in time and exploring the ideas behind rustic and vintage décor. Replicating this style is easy, and all you need is a couple of great ideas, so here are a few suggestions you might want to take into consideration.

Window bench

Nothing says vintage more than a nice little window bench, especially if it’s the right color and the right style. This useful piece of furniture is multifunctional as well and can double as a storage area too, which is especially important for people living in tiny homes. You can even build one of these on your own, thus completely personalizing it and making it fit right under your favorite window.

Suitcase coffee table

Turning an old suitcase into a coffee table is one of the easiest and most creative ways to take your vintage décor to a whole new level. You need just four pieces of wood and an old suitcase – the older the better – and you’re good to go! This project is also a practical way to minimize the clutter in your home and add some storage space into your living room, so give it a thought.

Vintage floors

Most people love installing new floors as soon as they move into a new place, and that’s quite all right, but what about your love for the vintage? Luckily, you can always find vintage-looking wooden flooring options and tiles that appear old and rustic. In order to make these extra special, think about adding a few colorful vintage rugs too as these will enhance the rustic look of your floors and make your entire home seem more exotic.

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Bed frames and headboards

The best way to introduce some vintage appeal into your bedroom is by focusing on the beds – keeping them rustic seems like a lot of work, but it actually isn’t. All you have to do is build a new bed frame from reclaimed wood and a headboard using secondhand textile and other materials. This will require some skill, but if you do it right, your bedroom will seem more welcoming and appealing than ever before.

Hope chests

Once you make your own perfect vintage bed, you can finish the bedroom design off with a perfect vintage hope chest. These are easy to find on flea markets and online, and they are great for giving you more storage space and helping you create a memory for your kids or grandkids as well. These chests were quite popular back in the day, but there’s no reason why we can make them popular once again.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors have always been popular and the fact that you can use them in basically every room of the house makes this solution even more appealing to modern homeowners. The best kinds of sliding doors are barn doors that are usually made from reclaimed wood and are combined with a rustic frame. All your visitors are going to understand just how vintage you are moments after stepping inside your home.

Kitchen cabinets

This is another effective idea to accentuate the rustic feel of your home and make it appear like it came from another era. The easiest way to get to some genuine vintage kitchen cabinets is by checking your grandparents’ attic or hitting the flea market. Of course, you can always build some on your own by using reclaimed wood: this solution is cheap, authentic and eco-friendly, and these are just some of its numerous benefits you should explore as soon as possible.

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Insisting on vintage and rustic details in every corner of your home isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s definitely a way to add more style into your living space, making it cozy, inviting and visually attractive. It’s also a great way to show the world how creative you are since some of these will surely become the focal points of your house all visitors are simply going to adore!

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