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How to Select the Right Chandelier for Your Home

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You cannot touch, smell, taste or hear it, but you can see right through it. Yet, it is one of the most important components of interior design for any room. That is the magic of lighting.

Lighting helps you stay awake, relaxed, romantic or young. However, it is the most underused tool in most homes. Many décor experts will focus on items such as area rugs and wall art but rarely optimize the effects of lighting. One of the best lighting options out there is the chandelier.

Why chandelier?

Whether looking for a lighting fixture to match your hallway, set the dining room in the right tone, or add a special character into the living room, Chandeliers provide the classic choice for delivering that big impression.

The good thing with the chandelier is that they are available in diverse designs such as the modern chandeliers or contemporary designs such as the vintage chandelier. The big question is; “How do you select the right chandelier lights for your home?” This post answers the common questions on chandelier lighting.

What are the contemporary and modern chandelier lighting trends?

If you are looking for a more modern look, consider going for crystal chandelier with satin nickel or chrome finishes. Bronze finishes have become common in transitional fixtures that combine design elements from contemporary and traditional styles.

The modern designs are biased towards satin and nickel. Consider selecting the designs with flowing lines that feature minimal amount of ornate deco while factoring other finishes.

How big should the chandelier lights be in a dining space?

Chandelier lights are designed based on height and diameter. Their size can also be affected by the number of bulbs. Though people have varying lighting preferences, experts recommend that you go for chandelier lights of ½- 2⁄3 of the width of the dining table.

Make sure to also factor the height of the ceiling and the chandelier lighting. Unlike other contemporary ceiling lighting options, the chandelier is designed to hang about 30-35 inches from the top of the table. If the chandelier is too tall, it could end up sitting at the top of the table. If you are still unsure of the option to pick, consider seeking a demonstration by the seller.

Can chandelier be used to light the entire room?

Chandeliers such as the crystal ceiling lights are created as decorative fixtures to enhance ambiance and style. This means that you cannot simply use the chandelier as the primary source of light for the entire room.

Chandeliers are better used as supplementary lighting sources. For example, they help to bring out better impact when combined together with layered room lighting schemes that include wall sconces and cove lighting.

Is it possible to upgrade the chandelier to compact fluorescent (CFL)?

This type of upgrade is referred to as retrofitting. This is only possible in some instances depending on the chandelier fixtures. Today, there are many CFL bulbs that one can purchase in the market for retrofitting. However, it is crucial to factor the dimming requirements.

For those who use modern chandeliers that come with dimmers, retrofitting might require acquiring a new dimmer compatible with the new bulbs. Here, you need to appreciate that the dimmer only dims the bulb and not the chandelier fixture.
Note that if the bulbs are exposed too much, the CFL or LED bulbs might still work but fail to give the anticipated impression. Therefore, if you target to retrofit the chandelier, it is advisable to start by purchasing one bulb for testing and going for the remaining pieces if it works.

Remember that though chandeliers are largely used in the dining space, you can fix them in any other place to create a special mood. For example, white chandelier lighting can be a great option for your home movie center while the contemporary ceiling lighting works better for the outdoor garden space.

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