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Toilet Cleaning Tips and Tricks

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Despite the fact that a clean toilet is ideal, yet most people see it as the worst chore in the house. You donít want to see your toilet to look mucky and fusty, so you need to make sure itís clean always.

Although there are different methods to clean and maintain the cleanliness of a toilet when it has different problem areas, the basic supplies that you may need include household sponge, rubber gloves, toilet brush, toilet cleaner, paper towels, and bathroom spray cleaner.

To properly clean your toilet, it depends on how dirty it is. Letís see some of the best tips and tricks you can apply daily to make your best toilet clean.

1. Fundamental Cleaning

This is a basic cleaning of the toilet. Start by spraying the toilet with cleaner, then scrub the bowl with a toilet brush. Sprinkle bathroom cleaner on the toilet lid and surrounding areas, wipe with the paper towels. Itís important to wipe down the body of the toilet with the use of a hard toothbrush to reach necessary areas. The best tip is obvious after cleaning the bowl, begin from the top and clean down to the bottom of the toilet. Next is to FLUSH! Sometimes itís good to flush more than once to make sure all chemicals are out of the bowl.

2. Deep Cleaning

Itís ugly to see the bowl of your flushing toilet look like a war zone. The cleaning process might go beyond the fundamental cleaning. In that case, deep cleaning will give you the best result. Hence, you can clean your toilet on a regular basis with the fundamental steps.

Spritz the entire toilet with the bathroom cleaner and allow it to sit and work while working on other areas. Introduce toilet cleaner into the toilet bowl and apply special attention in the rim and buildup areas. With your firm hand, use the firm-bristled toilet brush to scrub the bowl.

Continue to brush as you flush so that the water flows may help in rinsing away grim. Sprinkle disinfectant cleaner on the toilet and wipe down from the top of the tank through all the surface area to the floor. Also, wipe the handle that may contain germs, and flush again to be sure that all the cleaning product has gone down the drain.

3. Removing Tough Toilet Stains

Soap deposit, hard water, lime scale, rust, and other things can cause stains. Here are the tips and tricks to remove tough toilet stains. Get a cleaning product; hydrochloric acid or vinegar for tough toilet stains. Next is to apply slight pressure of pumice stone on the stain. Be careful because pumice stone on porcelain toilets may cause scratches.

Pour coca-kola into the bowl and allow it to sit for about an hour before scrubbing and flushing. Alka Seltzer tablets also remove stubborn stains by allowing the tablets to dissolve before flushing the stains. Moreso, direct application of a paste of lemon juice and borax on stains and rings will be effective in the removal of tough stains.


Cleaning the exterior of your toilet with paper towels is more sanitary than a cloth because theyíre disposable and wonít streak up your toilet.
Heavy chemicals may ruin your clothes while cleaning the toilet, so donít wear nice clothes but remember to protect your hands with gloves.


1. Harsh chemicals are dangerous, so use the least harsh amount of chemical possible.

2. Make sure all chemicals are cleaned before using the toilet and to prevent germs, use the toilet brush only on the toilet bowl

The chore of cleaning your toilet becomes easier and not a task when you do the cleaning regularly.

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