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Simon Hopes

Top Places to Celebrate Winter Holidays

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Winter holidays are just around the corner and if you havenít started planning the celebrations, start now. The magic is almost here, the snow is already present in some parts of the world and soon enough youíll have some days off to celebrate Christmas, New Yearís Eve and whatever winter holidays some countries have. Letís see where you could spend these wonderful moments with your loved ones.

Comfort of your own home

You probably didnít think that this would be on the list. But it is here. Hosting a party to celebrate Christmas or New Year at your home is a good idea. First of all, itís not as hard as some people think, you only need good organizational skills and a few helping hands. Gather your family and friends and have dinner together. Then move on to the living room and enjoy drinks with the sounds of your favorite tunes. Itís simple but wonderful. You donít have to spend money on expensive clubs or trips abroad. Well, not necessarily. You can have fun and enjoy holidays at your home.

Dublin, Ireland

Now that you have the option of staying home for the holidays, letís see where you could also celebrate the new beginnings. Dublin is a wonderful place that is capital city of Ireland. That means lot of beer and a really good sense of humor. For example, if you decide to spend Christmas in Ireland, do know that the Irish have new ways of honoring Christmas. For example, one involves swimming in the morning of the 25th at the Forty-foot sea-water pool. Of course, thereís also the 12 Days of Christmas Market at the Docklands, cheesy pantos, ice skating and seasonal cheer in Temple Bar.

Belgrade, Serbia

Serbia is a cute little country with a big heart in the Eastern Europe. Its capital Belgrade is doing more and more to better the winter charm every year. Besides being really cheap, Belgrade is a wonderful place where the authorities always do everything to beautify the city with Christmas lights and numerous ornaments placed all over the city center. Make sure that you check out Trg Republike (The Republic Square) since there are always little Ďcabinsí where you can drink mulled wine, eat various pastries or try Serbian barbeque delicacies. Oh, and Serbs celebrate Christmas in January (Orthodox Christians). Yes, you get to celebrate Christmas in January along with the natives. Oh and natives do know how to party. Have no doubt about it.

Bondi Beach, Australia

Celebrating winter holidays on a beach? You can do that in Australia. Bondi is wonderful during winter, you get to replace snow and fairy lights with sun and sand. There are always events on the beach that will help you relax and have fun. Bands and DJs rock the Pavilion and every single visitor soon feels the Aussie festive atmosphere. Celebrating winter holidays in a swimsuit? Bondi Beach is the place where you can do that.

Lapland, Finland

If you like to travel far, go to Santaís hometown. Christmas is something else in Lapland. According to the Fins, Santa lives in the remote town of Rovaniemi in the Arctic Circle. Dubbed Santaís Village, this is a place where you can meet the man himself, pat reindeer and ride husky-drawn sleighs. Being in the Arctic Circle thereís a high chance of snowfall and a glimpse of the Northern Lights. And Northern Lights are a sight to see. Oh and getting drunk with Santaís helpers (people in costumes) is also an option. But donít compete with Santaís Ďelvesí. They know how to party, too.


The goal is to provide you with an idea or two of where you could celebrate winter holidays. As you can see, celebrating it in the comfort of your own home is an option but traveling to a faraway destination doesnít seem bad, too.

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