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Jack Johnson

5 Tips To Prevent Pump Burn Out

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A pump is anessential equipment to keep the fountain working efficiently. Additionally, a quality pump enhances the beauty of your water feature. Therefore, itís imperative to understand how to take careof the fountain pump to lessen chances of burn out. But, you have to first understand what pump burn out means. Youíre going to discover this below including 5 tips to prevent pump burn out to ensure thatyou enjoy your pool at all times.

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What is pump burnout?

This is when the pump canít function at full capacity or does out prematurely. Pump burn out happens with frequent turning off and on of the pump, improper care, and poor installation. Proper electrical connection and pump installation are very important. A fountain pump can also dry when left to dry. This is true especially for submersible pumps that need water to cool and to keep the appropriate temperature. A drop inwater lever below the impeller causes overheating of the motor leading to burn out.

Tips to prevent pump burn out

Submerging the pump

Ensure to put the pump in water during warm weather. Keep it properly in winter to enhance overall performance. For an outside fountain, remove the pumpin freezing weather before the coldness gets too worse. The frozen water might expand and break the pump or its mechanism. So, you have to understand the best way to handle your pump in the various conditions.

Buy quality

Pumps can die out prematurely because of poor quality. Cheaper pumps are not build tolast longer and usually burn out after a short while. Low quality pumps have poor casing that cracks easily making the water to seepand damage the components. Buying a quality pond fountain pump will save you a significant amount of money in the long run. You wonít be investing in a new pump after a short while.

Regular maintenance

Another idea to keep your pump working at optimal level is by regular maintenance. Priming the pump on first use is essential to keep air out of the discharge line. Presence of air and debris in the impeller might cause the pump to hum and push little water significantly lessening its lifespan. With routine maintenance, debris that might get trappedin the impeller is eliminated

Use cleaningproducts

This is a safe and easy way to eliminate stubborn string algae from your fountain with algaecides. It might require disassembling the pump and cleaning its interior of any algae or mineral deposit buildup. Disassembling a pump is quick and easy by sliding the cover off after moving tensionclips holding the unit together. Luckily, this doesnít require any tools. Alternatively, you can use fountain cleaner tablets to breakdown waste and pollutants clogging the pump.

The wrap up

Keeping the pumpin good condition is essential to the overall efficiency of the fountain. Investing in a quality pond pump and regular maintenance among other options is a wonderful idea to promoting an efficient working fountain.

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