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Sudarsan Chakraborty

Tips on ladder safety

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Ladders play a very important role in home repairs and maintenance. With these, you are able to get certain tasks done that you originally would not be able to due to height restraints. Like any other tool, if a ladder is not used properly or safely, it could lead to ladder-related injuries, which are sending so many users to emergency rooms daily. Construction workers need to understand how to use the ladder carefully to avoid falling. Statistics show that most of the injuries sustained are because it was used inappropriately such as climbing the wrong side of the ladder.

Tip No. 1

Read the safety label

The safety label contains everything that you need to know when using a ladder. However, many people who end up being injured were because of the fact that they got too impatient on using the ladder to get a task done. So they end up not reading the instructions or if they do, they do not use it as instructed. Just like any other tool, the instructions on the sticker are to protect you from harm when using it or inform you of the ways to operate the ladder more easily.

Tip No. 2

Ensure the ladder is tall enough

Most ladders are barely 18 feet and this is relatively too short for someone who wants access to their rooftop of a medium sized bungalow. Most people tend to use ladders that donít even touch the roof and they simply try to lean on their bellies to get to the roof. This is very dangerous because it results in becoming a trial and error game when getting back onto the ladder. One slip or poor footing could be deadly.

For you to access the rooftop properly, you need a ladder, which is at least 3 feet above the rooftop or other desired areas. This gives you enough room for safe and easy movements Ė to and from the rooftop.

Tip No. 3

Donít lean out too far

When you lose balance on a ladder, itís almost definite that youíd fall. This could be to the level of breaking your bones, something that is so unfortunate but avoidable. A rule of thumb works here, you should keep your belt buckle between the rungs. Reaching out further on either side is risky and could lead to a fall in the case of instability. It is advisable to buy a platform ladder that reaches at least 3 inches higher than the work area to avoid unnecessary injuries.

Tip. No. 4

Use the ladder for the intended purpose

Trying to use the ladder for a different purpose other than the one intended could mean destroying it or getting hurt from a slip or fall. Donít use the shelf on the ladder as a step, if the ladder canít reach the work area, get a taller one but donít try to manipulate it.

Every tool and equipment we have can be very helpful to us as long as we use it for the right purpose and as per the manufacturerís instructions. Set aside some time to read the safety tips that come along with a ladder to ensure that everything will go as smoothly planned.

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