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Add Efficiency to Your Fireplace with Gas Inserts

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People are becoming more and more conscious about the effects of pollution and global warming on the environment. The effect can be felt in landslides, acid rain, deep smog formation and so on. But, fireplaces are essential for people living in colder climates. To reduce the amount of carbon footprint, people are now revamping their heating solutions by adding inserts to their fireplaces. Different types of fireplace inserts are available in the market- gas, wood, pellet, and electric.

Gas fireplace insert is one of the most popular ways to add efficiency to your existing fireplace. A wide variety of designs of gas inserts are available in the market that will fit into your existing fireplace tightly. Gas insert fireplaces lend to a cleaner environment as the fuel type is generally propane or natural gas, and there is no need to clean up ash unlike the wood burning fireplaces.

Open Masonry Fireplaces:

The open masonry fireplaces are not always as efficient as they claim as all the heat generated is circulated immediately around the room. The heat dissipates quickly through the doors and windows, and the open fireplace is thus unable to keep the room warm for a longer time. A gas fireplace insert can raise the efficiency rate of an open masonry fireplace to nearly 80%. The gas inserts help in generating more heat and prevents cold air from outside to accumulate in the room. The gas inserts also help in storing the heat generated and circulates it evenly around the room.

The gas fireplace insert sports a sealed combustion mechanism that pulls in cold air from outside to add fuel to the fire. This keeps the fuel burning for a long time and generates more heat. The process also reduces the cost of your utility bills as you do not need other equipment to heat up your room. Moreover, gas fireplace inserts do not depend on electricity to operate.

Renovation of a Fireplace:

If you want to renovate your existing fireplace due to its inefficiency, then it would cost a lot more than adding a gas insert to the existing fireplace. As discussed earlier, gas inserts have the capability of increasing the efficiency rate significantly, which may solve your current issues However, you should consult with the dealer when you are choosing a gas fireplace insert such that they can supply one that will fit perfectly in the existing fireplace.

Gas fireplace inserts also negate the use of chimneys (in some cases). Thus you do not need to worry about falling chimney lines and repair solutions. Neither do you have to feed the gas fireplace inserts with wood and store them up. To keep your room warm you simply have to turn it on with the help of a remote.

Gas fireplace inserts definitely lend to a cleaner and safe environment. The closed compartment will prevent your kid or pet to touch the device and get burns. The gas fireplace inserts are designed creatively such as to blend with any décor of the room. The transformation from a bland open masonry fireplace to a gas fireplace insert is bound to amaze you. Give it some thought, make the switch, and then sit back and enjoy your new to you fireplace.

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