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6 Tips to Maintain your Air Conditioner

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The cool air that comes from your air conditioning unit might keep you happy and relaxed, even when the weather outside is unbearable hot; but without regular maintenance even the best of AC units can stop giving you this comfort. An annual check-up is must to keep your valuable air conditioning unit in the best of its condition. Nevertheless, there are a few other ways to help maintain your air conditioner without spending much of your money.

Change your air filter regularly

One of the best tips given by expert air conditioning repair professionals is to replace your air filter on a monthly basis. This will make sure clean air flows through your AC unit at all times, making it work efficiently. Especially during the active seasons of summer and winter, the monthly filter change is a must. One replacement should be good enough in fall and spring.

Check the components and wiring

Before working on your AC unit make sure the power is switched off. It is better to power off the main switch of your home and disconnect your outdoor system. Now take out the access panel that you can see on the condenser. All your electrical components have to be tight. There should be no overheating, burned wires or melted insulation. If you find anything wrong, it is best to get in touch with a professional HVAC repair service to fix it up for you.

Make sure the thermostat is in good shape

If you want to maintain an ideal temperature in your home, you will have to make sure the thermostat of your air conditioning unit is in excellent condition. A high-quality programmable thermostat is always better than an old mechanical type that can lead to so many problems.

Take a look at the condenser unit fan

The condenser fan at the top of the outsider condenser should be in peak condition for your AC to work normally. If you find any cracks or chips in the blades of this fan, you will have to replace it. In older models of AC units, the fan motor bearings may need oiling on a regular basis.

Make sure the exterior of your AC unit is clean

The exterior of AC units are prone to accumulation of dirt, leaves, and grass clippings over time. This might decrease the air flow and reduce its operational efficiency. You can use a garden hose to gently wash away such debris and dirt. Make sure there is no blockage in air circulation.

Opt for yearly professional maintenance

Get a professional HVAC repair service to check your air conditioning unit once every year and perform the necessary maintenance tasks. Not only will this ensure proper working of your AC unit, it will also help you save up on your energy bills.

Air conditioning unit is one of the most important appliances in your home. Proper maintenance of the same is very important to maximize its operational efficiency. Get in touch with expert air conditioning repair professionals to service and enjoy the comfort you deserve.

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