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Here’s How Venetian Plaster Job Might Charge You!

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Polished plaster, often used in wall finish is also known as the Venetian plaster or Stucco. It is mainly a name given to the finish of certain plasters and is used to describe the updated and the new form of age-old Italian plaster finishes.

There are various decorative finishes. It ranges from rugged textured plaster finish to a highly polished plaster finish. Polished plaster generally consists of slaked lime and marble chips/dust which give each of them a unique look.
They are mainly applied on ceilings and walls to give an outlook of polished limestone, travertine or marble.

Venetian plaster is generally applied over a base coat or primer. The number of layers applied varies from one to four. The finishing touch is given with a special kind of steel trowel to give a glass like sheen. Apart from imitations, you can expect quite steep authentic Venetian plaster cost. Stucco Venezianoguarantees to provide ecological and the best quality plaster that will give your house and office a whole new look. They believe in providing them at a competitive price and gives utmost attention to the customer service. Various ways you might be charged for Venetian plaster job.

Venetian plasters are timeless. They can easily give your house the elegant look of the Victorian era and the feel of London in the golden time. Various designs can be easily done with the help of this plaster and they can be used on various other surfaces apart from the walls. As the authentic Venetian plasters that are made in Italy are priced quite high, companies have come up with local substitutes. Here’s how you can be charged for a proper

Venetian plaster job:

  • Square footage: One of the simplest and easiest ways to charge for a proper Venetian plaster job is by square footage. The wall is measured vertically and horizontally and multiplied to find out the square foot of the space that has to be covered with Venetian plaster. Many contractors tend to subtract the openings like doors and windows, when charging by square foot. The others include the total area as even the openings have to be masked and edged out. The average pricing generally ranges from 8 to 17 dollars per square foot depending on your level of expertise, technique and location.
  • Hourly rates: There are some contractors who prefer to charge you by hourly rates. They estimate the total length of time the entire job will take and then multiply it by their hourly rate. This type of rating system varies dramatically, again depending on your location and their level of expertise. However, it is generally between 5 to 30 dollars if you are looking for a ballpark figure. However, charging by square foot is adopted more often than this method.
  • Daily rate: Many contactors prefer to charge by daily rate. Even if they work for a part of the day, they charge the full amount for the day as they have still incurred travelling cost for reaching your location. Though it might sound unfair, it is also beneficial for you as a customer in certain ways. If they fail to turn up for some time, you don’t have to pay for the extended time period, i.e., you don’t have to pay anything for the days they fail to turn up.

Here are the few ways on how you might be charged by the contractors for the Venetian plaster job. However, this is just the basic charge. You might be charged extra for any extra job done, complex design and additional equipment that might be required. In order to be clear on the ballpark figure, it is always better to have a clear conversation with your contractor.

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