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Jack Johnson

How Not To Ignore Going Solar In 2019

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ID:	11084Millions of Americans are suffering with higher electricity bills. Installing a solar system would be a great idea but have not yet made up their mind.

Well, itís very important to consider getting a solar system in the New Year so you donít stop missing the tremendous benefits of this renewable energy.

For your next home improvement project, installing solar panels should be on top of your list. Read on to discover how not to ignore going solar in 2019.

How now is the best time to get a solar system?

Thereíre various compelling reasons to make you invest in a solar system for your home in 2019. The price of solar panels is now cheap and stabilized than ever before. The investment on return for a solar system is more than the investment from other regular investments. This is true for investments like property or shares especially if you had been paying a lot in electricity bills.

The internal rate of return for the installation of solar panels on your roof can go up to about 15 percent. Additionally, the security of your investment is guaranteed because youíll continue using solar power for many years. Quality solar panels are to last 25 years or more. This is possible regardless of events beyond your control unlike for traditional investments.

Why consider solar power for your home improvement project

Compared to other home improvement projects, solar is the only one with an income attachment. Getting a solar system installed by one of the best solar energy companies in Bakersfield CA comes with tremendous savings on utility bills. With solar energy, the huge amounts you would have paid to the utility company remain in your pocket. This is enough reason to consider investing in a solar system this New Year.

Additionally, the investment return from a solar system varies with how much you have been paying in electricity bills. Luckily, itís so easy to calculate how much savings you can make from solar energy. This is determined by your energy requirement and the cost of power from the utility company. For California homeowners, the solar system will be for itself in about 5 years. Since solar panels can last for more than 25 years, it means youíll enjoy about 20 years of free electricity after the payback period.

Do you need a solar battery?

You have a choice to go for a grid-tied solar system or become totally independent on solar energy. Solar batteries can store power to offer a backup in case the mains supply faces a blackout. Alternatively, you can depend entirely on solar where the batteries are required to provide energy when the sun is not up in the sky. A grid-tied system comes with a chance to benefit from net metering and without investing in solar batteries.

Bottom line

Itís a wonderful option to consider investing in a solar system. Youíll enjoy huge savings on utility bills with a chance to lessen your carbon footprint. Luckily, a Bakersfield installation company wonít disappoint when it comes to choosing a solar system to meet your needs.

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