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Jack Johnson

4 Interior Design Trends To Dominate 2019

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Modern workplaces have evolved from enclosed spaces to open plan spaces. This has been made easier by the advent of new technologies that enhance the work process. Offices today arenít just for coming in and fulfilling daily tasks. The right office must be fitted out to allow team flexibility by giving staff the chance to choose how to work, develop social bonds, and develop team morale. A well-designed office allows effective recruitment through attracting and retaining talent. It also works as a functional space that impresses clients, showcases professional capabilities, and promotes forward thinking.

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Hereíre 4 design trends to dominate 2019

Comfortable working environment

Employees need a gateway to eliminate the hustle and bustle of an open office. These might include a beachfront reception or a casual and colorful lunch spot. A breakout area is a go-to solution to allow staff a mixed-use space for some relaxation. Employees desire space that caters for and enhances their working lives. So, a good office fit out should allow a less formal office to create a comfortable working space. A less formal working environment is very friendly to allow more staff interaction for effective teamwork and collaboration to promote better productivity.

You have to choose a professional interior designer to create an engaging and sophisticated break out space. This will allow employees a flexible and comfortable retreat to work in and relax. It will help boost team morale in the organization to promote increased productivity and staff well being. This will pay off in the long run with better provision of services and products to improve the company bottom line.

Interior design reflecting the brand persona

The cutthroat competition in business requires making effort to stand out. This requires working with one of the best interior design companies in UAE for an interior fit out that reflects your brand persona. Including patterns, shapes, and textures in your office adds another layer of recognition. The architecture of your space will reflect the atmosphere and mood of the employees. Professional planning and interior design will give your office identity. This is through utilizing your brand colors, artwork, signage, and fun touches to communicate with others outside your company.

Demand for hospitable office design

Thereís the growing popularity of office designs with gyms, restaurants, general leisure spaces, and cafes. These are key social hubs for staff and are now essential in a modern working space. A hospitable office design prides itself for enhanced customer experience offering visitors a warm and welcoming environment. The best thing is giving employees access to comfortable furnishings and a colorful ambiance. Your employees will enjoy spending their free time in the leisure space.

Interior designers can create a hospitality inspired working space using a mixture of finishes and materials including :

  • Faux stone
  • Brick wall
  • Warm colors
  • Natural wood textures
  • Industrial lighting fixtures

A combination if such elements can be enhanced with other features such as games area, TV, and coffee machine. These significantly enhance the development of social bonding among employees. This encourages good work relationships that enhance strong company culture emphasizing loyalty, trust, and respect. The social connection will create cohesion in the office essential for encouraging teamwork, creativity, and collaboration.

Demand for activity-based working

Need to promote teamwork and minimize real estate expense promote a shift to an open plan working space. This has promoted hot-desking, flexible working, and co-working spaces. Employees now want to determine how the time to spend working. Activity-based working requires understanding how people work and when they perform optimally to invest time and money in creating a suitable environment.

Assistance from a professional office fit out company helps create a working space with multiple options for employees. This offers invaluable outcomes to the company. This kind of working environment appeals to employees who would have preferred working from a remote location. This is a trick to enhance your office into a better working environment.

Bottom line

Working with a professional and trusted interior design company is essential in creating a working space that enhances staff wellbeing and quality of life. This will significantly enhance employee productivity for greater business prosperity and a significant improvement on your bottom line. The right interior design team will do whatever it takes to create a flourishing office space that promotes staff productivity and happiness.

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