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Jack Johnson

The 411 on Having an Open Concept Kitchen

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Are you looking forward to giving your kitchen a new look? Perhaps youíre about to complete your new house. A good idea is to opt for an open concept kitchen. This ensures smooth traffic flow, offers more space, and makes gathering easy. With this kitchen design, youíll have more ways to use your main living areas. The assistance from a team of trusted and experienced builders, an open concept is also a good consideration when remodeling your kitchen.

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Understanding an open plan kitchen

This is a kitchen concept without barriers to the surrounding living areas. These usually include the living room, dining room, and often called the great room. An open plan kitchen is quite different from traditional kitchen design with barriers and walls separating each room. This kitchen concept gained popularity in the 1990s and itís now a popular option when building a new kitchen or remodeling your old one.
Why opt for an open concept kitchen?

Makes your space seem larger

A kitchen without walls blocking the line of sight feels bigger and easily accessible. This makes an open concept kitchen a wonderful idea when you have a small space that might appear cramped. Additionally, this kitchen enhances traffic flow. Everyone will enjoy working in this new kitchen that allows more than a single person to move around.

Brings people together

This barrier-free great room offers unlimited space for everyone in the family to enjoy. All family members can occupy the kitchen at the same time to prepare food, chat, play games, or do homework. In addition, your guests can join in on the fun for a closer family feel. Contacting professionals for kitchen remodeling in Phoenix AZ will ensure that you get an open concept kitchen to keep the whole family close. No other kitchen design facilitates human connection like an open concept kitchen.

Encourages more natural light

Since this kitchen design has no walls blocking light from windows and other rooms, thereís more natural light to make the space brighter. Apart from making your space look spacious, more natural light means that you spend less on energy bills. This is a wonderful idea that significantly enhances the value of your home.

No feeling cut off any more

Do you spend considerable time in the kitchen? Well, perhaps you enjoy taking your time preparing meals and more cleaning up afterward. An open plan kitchen will make you feel less trapped. This is helpful since you wonít have to miss out on the conversation in the living room anymore. You can keep the chat going while preparing meals. This kind of kitchen avoids the problem of feeling cut off because you can hear and see what goes on in the next room with a chance to join the conversation.

Allows keeping tabs on everything

With an open plan kitchen, you can see whatever is going on. Youíre in a position to see what the kids are up to. This is a better option than a traditional kitchen where the kids might be up to something but you can see what they are doing. An open concept kitchen gives peace of mind that the girls arenít painting every wall with peanut butter to show off their artistic talents.

What to put in mind before getting an open concept kitchen

Regardless of the benefits of an open plan kitchen, you have to put some things in mind before taking the plunge. Since thereíre no walls to break up the sound, you have to keep with some noise when several people are doing different things in the kitchen at the same time. Additionally, youíll have to bear with the mess in your kitchen always on display. To avoid this required regularly tidying up your kitchen after use. Elimination of walls deprives you of space where you might place cabinets for storage space. The solution is to invest in an island with under counter storage.

Hereís a catch

With open kitchens evolving, some solutions have been brought forward to solve those few drawbacks. For some privacy, opt for sliding walls or doors to close off the kitchen when required. Additionally, consider keeping the living room separate with the dining room included in the open space kitchen. Some furniture groupings are also helpful in creating a natural barrier to keep the space open.


Regardless of whether youíre building a new kitchen or have a remodeling project, an open concept kitchen is a smart idea. You just have to find a team of trusted kitchen remodeling experts to ensure that you get to enjoy the benefits of this kitchen design.

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