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Jack Johnson

4 Fountain Facts To Know For Landscape Design

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Thereís a chance that that beautiful yard you have is missing something. Regardless of the abundant plant life and great landscape design, you could use something to spice it up. One of the best things to do is to add a water feature to the landscape design. A fountain comes with extra ambiance to the garden. Its soothing sound from the water will make your yard more appealing. However, before you go shopping for a fountain, you must understand these 4 fountain facts in landscape design.

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Fountains come in various designs and styles. So, you have a chance to choose a fountain matching your taste. Itís important to choose a fountain matching the theme and style of your house and garden. Additionally, pick a fountain fitting your location. Keep in mind that some consume water more than other features. Avoid getting a larger fountain when your space is small. The fountain will overwhelm the space making it less appealing.
The size of the fountain determines whether you get the desired effect. You must be able to hear and see your fountain for good value. Smaller fountains are ideal in shaded areas because of more water presence while large ones can be placed in direct sunshine. Ensure to pick a fountain matching your landscape design.


The maintenance needs of the various fountain types vary. Some are harder to maintain than others. Itís important to ensure that your fountain survives the cold winter prone to water expansion on freezing. The expansion might cause severe damage to the fountain and pipe. Itís essential to mind about your fountain health during winter so the pump doesnít freeze. Additionally, itís highly recommended to invest in aerator fountains for ponds to eliminate water stagnation. This keeps the pong water well aerated, clean, and free of foul odors.

The pump requires staying clean and clearing always to avoid wearing out when immersed in water. Additionally, the pump needs removing debris such as dirt and sand from the pump. The aerator will help eliminate algae from accumulating in the pond. Additionally, algae control allows thriving of aquatic life such as koi fish in your pond with access to efficient oxygen. A well-maintained pond is more inviting and allows getting the most from your investment.


Various materials are used to make fountains. You have to choose material reflecting your style and garden. Matching your tastes is crucial to avoid choosing a fountain likely to take away your landscape designís atmosphere. A stone fountain comes with a classic look to make your space seem like it has been around for centuries and a very classy look.

Other fountain material includes resin for fountains with figures, and slate for a naturally looking fountain and waterfall look. Cast stone, wrought iron, slate, and cement fountains have a traditional enduring look. Natural elements such as ceramic, terra cotta, and clay make delicate and natural looking fountains. If you have a big budget, resin and fiberglass fountains are a good idea to create a different sound as the water hits compared to fountains made from traditional materials.


Apart from the aesthetic appeal and soothing feeling, fountains are extremely relaxing. Additionally, give your landscape an interesting visual feature especially when fitted with lights. Everyone will desire to spend some time near the fountain to get some positive vibe. Your garden will get more life from the fountain and give it a meditative quality appealing to everyone.

With more life in your landscape design, birds are likely to come more and become more active near your water feature to make your yard lively. Landscapes with fountains are classier than traditional yards and give your home more value. Prospective buyers are more likely to make higher offers when your home has a fountain.

Final thoughts

A fountain is a worthy investment in your landscape. However, you have to choose the right one to fit your landscape and home design. Itís equally important to understand the best way to keep your water feature in pristine condition. This explains why aerating fountains are a good option for lessening the trouble of maintaining your pond. These promote aeration, eliminate algae, and keep debris away. Overall, adding a fountain in your yard is an overwhelming positive gesture.

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