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Itís 2019, Time To Go Solar Already

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ID:	11155In recent years more people are now going solar and taking advantage of the benefits of a solar energy system for both home and business.

The solar system can produce enough energy for your daily consumption and if well managed, you can generate surplus energy. You can even sell this extra energy that you export back to the grid.

Before you decide to install solar renewable energy for your home or business, find out a few things.

1. Find out if solar financially viable for you

Solar can be expensive to install. Find out how much you spend on electricity to see if it will save you some money to install. Definitely understand that solar is a long-term plan. The benefits far out way the costs, but you must go into it with a mind that the return will take time.

2. Find out how many hours of sun you have on your house

You can look up calculators online which can tell you how many hours of sunshine the area you live in gets in a day. All you have to do is perform a simple search to pull up information about where you live. Often if you ask a few questions to solar providers, they will let you know what other around you experience.

3. Is there too much shade on or around your house

The ideal situation is if your house is on an open field with no trees that can cause shade near it. Often times, people feel they need more sunshine than they actually do. Solar panels can pick up a lot of energy in a short amount of time.

If you decide to take the next step and install solar panels, here are a few things you should consider.

ē What solar panels to consider
Not all the sun panels convert the same amount of energy. Find panels that offer the most energy, especially if your house is small and you have limited roof space.

ē Think about the inverters

Panels make DC which has to be inverted to AC. The cheapest and most common is the string inverter. This means that all the solar panels you have go to one string inverter. The only limitation with this inverter is that if there is shading on one panel, it affects the output of all the other panels.

Solar energy is gaining popularity by the day. Why? Here are advantages of solar energy.

1. Itís free to use

Nobody owns the sun so you canít be charged for using it. Youíre free to harness it whenever you want.

2. Itís environmentally friendly

By using it, youíre not using up the planetís resources. Generations to come will still use solar energy. No toxic waste is produced. You therefore play a huge role in reducing pollution and global warming.

3. No interruptions

As long as your panels are converting AC to DC, you will have continuous power supply. If you have a business say like a processing firm or a factory, you are assured of continuous production all year round. No electricity or solar company can control or cut off your power supply. You are guaranteed of continuous power supply all year round as long as the sun shines.

4. The panels are low maintenance

Once the photo-voltaic panels are installed, you donít need to maintain them much. All you have to make sure of is that the sun hits them right. Most systems offer some form of maintenance should the need arise.

5. They are modular

This means that you can start small with a few panels then install more in future as time and money allows. Solar is a very smart alternative and extremely effective.

The pros outweigh and outnumber the cons. Every limitation has a way around it. Solar energy is way more beneficial. Itís 2019, what are you waiting for?

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