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Why is antique furniture so popular

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Many modern designers and furniture stores encourage us to buy new, contemporary pieces when buying furniture. It’s easy to see why, since the word “antique” can give people the impression of outdated, rundown and even ancient! But this could not be further from the truth, and in fact there are a wide range of benefits from choosing older furniture over modern pieces.

Here are some reasons why antique furniture is so popular:

Antique is environment-friendly

One of the ways of reducing your carbon footprint is buying furniture that already exists. Not only does it save energy but avoiding the production of a new item, but older era items were made to last, and you will likely be able to use the pieces for decades to come.

This is an eco-friendly decision, which ensures that you don’t deplete more of the earth’s finite resources. Again, these are materials that are biodegradable and therefore, disposal is not a big issue as they can easily decompose, unlike other materials such as nylon. If you have a table that has lasted for years and want to change it, you could look to sell it, swap it or simply replace it with another recycled item.

Antique products are high quality

Antique furniture comes with ingenuity, craftsmanship and quality that can never be achieved by any other type of furniture. Research has shown that many people want handmade and unique items where artisanship has been utilised to the highest extent. Pieces from a previous generation were built to last rather than being cheap and mass produced, so you will get your money’s worth and be able to enjoy it for many years.

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The “Ikea generation” are used to buying and replacing items all the time because they are cheap and low quality. It is hoped this trend will change when more people realise the quality and history of older items.

Better for your budget

As well as lasting for longer – and hence giving you good value for money – antique furniture is usually cheaper than buying new. This is definitely the case at Philips Auctions.
Different styles come in and out of trends and with popularity in modern and retro furniture, you can usually buy antique items at a lower cost.

Allows you to rub shoulders with history

The builders of vintage furniture did it with functionality and exquisite design in mind. A chair is a chair and the only difference is the person who manufactured it. You may want to bring into your home that old-classic touch of “Gillows of Lancaster” type of furniture. It could also be the John Saone chair type, a piece commissioned for the English castle. All these types can be obtained from antique furniture auctions and dealers. Don’t just assemble any type of furniture in your house; choose the antique- furniture with a touch of history. Some of the wood used in this furniture is the 18th and 19th century type, which is hard to find nowadays, giving your pieces a unique and majestic look.

Antique is a masterpiece

How does it feel to walk into a room with wooden furniture that look classic and with every piece having some uniqueness defined by the designer and the wood? Exquisite, isn’t it? That is the feeling you get when you have this type of furniture in your house. Not only this, but some of the items can be incredibly valuable and increase in value over time. This makes it a great investment, not something you can say about modern mass-produced furniture.

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You don’t have to fill your house with cheap type of furniture whose value will depreciate in a few years and who’s style will be lost to the latest trend. Take advantage of the uniqueness of antique furniture, and buy pieces that will continue to maintain popularity and give your home that all-time classic feel.

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