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How Tesla Powerwall Battery can benefit your home or office

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For many years, Tesla has been a household name; commonly known for their great innovations in the motor industry. They have received many accolades for producing high-quality electric vehicles, along with their ability to rebrand existing technologies. Its venture in the home energy storage market a few years back has brought about tremendous changes in the industry. With its ingenious innovations like the Tesla Powerwall battery, they have seen the energy storage industry grow in a big way. This has excited homeowners who have seen the potential of storing energy in their homes. Combined with solar panels on the roof, this is a dream come true for Elon Musk’s vision of sustainable energy.

So exactly what makes Tesla’s Powerwall battery a good investment for your home or office?

The aesthetics

Previously, batteries were kept inside the closet because of their noise volumes and potential leaky nature and some were considered hazardous. With its sleek design, the Tesla Powerwall compels you to include the battery as part of your home décor. Many ‘green-savvy’ consumers would want to have it as a social symbol in their neighborhood. Again, the idea of increasing the power capacity through the adjacent attachment is a great innovation that many homeowners are proud of.

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The smart battery concept

This battery comes with software for communicating with the grid in order to cut down the consumers’ utility bill through load shifting. According to Energy Exchange:

Load shifting involves shifting energy consumption to another time period, typically when prices are lower. It can generate returns that may more than compensate for the costs of lost production, organisational training and administration of the demand-side response measures.

So when peak demand is high (and thus electricity prices are higher) such as in the evenings, you can use energy that was stored in your battery, and thus aren’t paying for using the grid. And when demand is lower, typically during the day when a lot of people are at work), you can use the grid for cheaper power while the battery stores energy from the sun to be used later on. For people with low energy usage or multiple batteries, you may be able to generate ALL the power you need from these sources.

The packaging

Unlike most lead-acid installations, the PowerWall is perfectly packaged and optimised for daily cycling. Unlike other batteries that are connected to the electrical grid, it is controlled by a battery management system. It has a fully integrated Tesla Inverter and can be floor or wall mounted. Other energy storage devices are ideally lead-acid batteries, which are limited to backup applications; they take up too much space and require good temperature control and ventilation. The Tesla battery offers a lot of functionality in a convenient package.

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It is more refined and big

Several aspects of the PowerWall have been maximised using lithium ion technology. This is so in both the battery and the circuitry involved in charging and discharging. It’s also bigger and can give a voltage range of 350 to 450 volts. The battery cannot get too hot during use due to the AC/DC system attached to it. Therefore, it’s a battery that you can be sure will change the whole storage landscape.

Tesla PowerWall is one of a kind and a great innovation in the renewable energy industry. With its liquid thermal control system, integrated inverter and software that utilises stored energy in an optimal way when you need it most, it is an investment worth considering for anyone who owns a building.

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