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How to take care of wooden doors

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Wood is arguably the most popular material in the construction industry. It is either the roof or the ceiling; if not the floor, it is the doors and a large percent is involved in finishing. Most importantly, hardwood is regarded as perfect for doors. If you are looking forward to a door that will last for decades without breaking or getting spoilt, choose hardwood. That is why antique furniture is taking the center stage as part of the décor in the modern world.

However, to maintain the strength of the door and ensure that it lasts for long, it requires regular maintenance and proper cleaning. This article seeks to give a procedure on how to clean a wooden door

Clean the minor dirt and grime

After a few days or weeks, you may see a buildup of environmental moisture, cobwebs and dust on the door. This is quite common especially if the door is on an outside wall. Use a duster to dust off the door at least once per week. When cleaning ensure that, there are no stains building up or insects trying to make their home in or around the timber. After dusting off, it is also prudent to wipe the door using warm soapy water and a damp cloth. Ensure that you clean the crevices and the corners of the door.

Replacing door handles

Sometimes on old timber doors, the door handles need to be replaced. If it’s been many years since the door was made, it can be hard to find the exact same door handles simply buying off the shelf. Engaging the services of a woodturner is a great idea, as it these professionals can custom make anything out of wood. Traditional Turnings can make new timber door handles that fit your old door perfectly and look exactly like the original. This allows you to restore the item without needing to replace it.

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Address stains immediately.

If a stain or a dirty liquid gets onto the door, you need to address this as soon as you can. Using mineral spirits, scrub the door using a soft rag until it feels damp. Do it thoroughly and repeatedly to ensure that all the stubborn stains are cleaned off. The mineral spirits can be purchased from any home improvement shop.

Use furniture polish to maintain the door
Liquid furniture polish is a solution that should be applied on the surface of the door and then using a thin cloth; rub it along the grains of the wood. This is perfect in removing any stains and restoring the surface natural sheen. Usually, this is done after you have used the mineral spirits to scrub the surface when removing stains.

Keep an eye out for water damage

Wooden doors can naturally get small cracks, and if water seeps into the timber, it can start to rot. Sanding back any rough surfaces and filling cracks will reduce the chance of water damage. And when it does occur, use a chisel to get rid of the rot and apply a spakfilla from a brand like Selleys to fill the hole.

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Steam cleaning machine

Usually, a steam-cleaning machine has a hose attachment. Here, you spray the steam on the stains on the surface as you use a brush to back and forth on the wooden surface until the stains clear off. Rinse off the soap with some clean dry rug. You don’t have to buy this equipment; you can get this on hire from the carpet repair shops and most grocery stores.

Remove old varnish

An old door likely has an old paint finish that you’d want to remove at some point in time. Chemical strippers are the best for removing this. However, this should be done in a room with proper ventilation with the right guidelines followed. This method is perfect when cleaning exterior doors and should not be done repeatedly but after a long time when you’re renovating the door.

Ensuring regular maintenance of your wooden door is important, even if this just means giving it a quick dust or keeping an eye out for wetness. A new door can cost in excess of $1000, so it makes sense to look after your existing ones.

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