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Hästens Vividus

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Every Vividus is unique. Each one takes 140-160 hours to build, and is made entirely by hand using only the finest natural materials. A true masterpiece, each Vividus is built to order and signed by a Hästens master craftsman.

Hästens’ master craftsmen and product developers have spent two years experimenting with different combinations of horsehair, cotton, flax and wool to find the perfect balance. The result is a bed which lifts your body and provides support, while allowing you to sink deep down and relax.
No compromises
The bed is built entirely by hand, using proven techniques and the finest natural materials. No corners were cut when creating the Vividus. Hästens has created the very best bed, using the expertise it has gained from 150 years of making beds. Generations of craftsmanship skills and attention to quality have been handed down to Hästens’ bed makers.

After years of experience working with natural materials, they have acquired unparalleled expertise on these materials’ qualities and attributes. All this knowledge has now been brought together to create the bed of our dreams. Vividus.
Traditional craftsmanship
In manufacturing the Vividus. Hästens’ most experienced and skilled bed makers have employed craftsmanship techniques which have been used in Swedish furniture making since the 1850s. Many of these techniques fell into obscurity when industrialization ushered in the age of the machine.
160 hours to build
The use of traditional craftsmanship techniques guarantees high quality. We take the utmost care in creating the Vividus – each bed is made to order according to the customer’s specifications and takes between 140 and 160 hours to make. Vividus represents an investment in a better quality of life.

Vividus facts

Vividus can be ordered in any size. For sizes other than 210x210 cm, please contact your Hästens store for a quote. Please allow six months for delivery.
You can order your Vividus with soft, medium or firm springs.
Vividus is available in any colour.
The Vividus is 64 cm high., with top mattress 71 cm.
25 year written warranty against spring and frame breakage from delivery date.

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    I love this bed. How much?
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