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Beautiful Bunk Beds at Wholesale Price

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Maximize the space available in your kids' room with a twin over twin, twin over full, twin over futon, or full over full bunk bed. Bunk beds are also great for guest, college dorm, small apartment, or any other room with limited space. Browse popular bunk bed frame colors including black, brown, cherry, oak, red, white and more. Find available options on the product pages including stairs, storage drawers, trundles, and matching furniture pieces. Choose from modern or traditional frames made from solid wood or metal that exceed your safety concerns and that your child will adore.

Wholesale Furniture Brokers has everything to meet all your kids furniture needs. Browse our selection of Twin and Full Mattresses to fill both top and bottom bunks. Mattresses can also be easily added from the product pages. Measure the height of your ceiling to ensure your new bunk bed will fit and have enough room for your kids to crawl into bed on the top bunk.

The Benefits of Wood vs. Metal

Bunk beds constructed from wood come in a variety of finishes and show of the natural patina and grain of the material. When it comes to quality, wood is reputed to be strong, durable, and easy to clean. Another major benefit of wood bunk beds is their traditional and classic look, making it possible to keep the bunk beds for many years or to pass them on for subsequent generations to enjoy. However, in the event that it does acquire a few dents and scratches or you just want to give it a new color, most wood bunk beds can be easily sanded down and refinished, which is often a cheaper and more economical alternative to buying something brand new.

Metal bunk beds are also a popular choice, and because they have more of a modern look they are great for teens, dorm rooms, and small apartment bedrooms. In addition to being very lightweight, they are more resistant to scratches, chipping, and UV damage making them ideal for active kids or frequent moving or rearranging.

Safety and sturdiness are the most important considerations when buying any bed for your child. To make sure the bed you choose doesn't shake or wobble, take note of your child's weight and height and make sure they are in line with the bunk beds safety recommendations. Ensure that the ladder on your bunk is one your child will feel comfortable using.

It's recommended that the thickness of the mattress you use in the top bunk does not exceed 6 inches and is at least 5 inches below the upper surface of the guardrails. As an example, if the guardrails of the upper bunk are 13.5 inches high, then you can safely use a mattress that is 8.5 inches or less thick.

There are a variety of different bunk bed designs for you to choose from including single on single, single on double, single on the futon, double on double, and loft beds. Some bunk beds can be separated into two beds. To save yourself money down the line, choose a bunk bed that can grow with your child. Consider styles that a teenager or young adult may enjoy as you may see their bunk bed follow them to college.

Keep Your Bedroom Clean & Organized with Storage Options

Some of the bunk beds available at Wholesale Furniture Brokers offer storage drawers that fit directly under the lower bunk. The under-bed storage drawers are designed for easy access and provide the perfect storage solution for smaller spaces that don't have enough room for extra furniture pieces like nightstands, dressers, and chests. Trundles make great alternatives to storage drawers as they add another sleeping space that conveniently stores under the lower bunk.

If you have enough room in your bedroom, stairway chests can be designed with drawers in the side or steps of the chest. Bunk beds with stairs also allow easier access to the upper bunk instead of using a ladder.

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