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After sales question you need to pose to your water purifier company

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Water purifier has turned a new leaf over in terms of a luxury to a necessary item in households. Quality of water warrants use of water purifiers. The RO water purifiers could turn out to be expensive. It does become prudent on your behalf that you take proper care of them so that they can serve you for a long time. A well maintained water purifier can serve you on an average for 10 to 15 years. Be it a Eureka Forbes water purifier service no there are some valid questions to pose before you purchase one.

What is the warranty available on the water purifier?

Each and every water purifier in the market is available on a warranty. Most of the appliances come with a 1 year warranty on all service parts with a 3 year additional service period.

A major difference exists between free servicing period and warranty. During warranty company agrees to replace damaged parts at zero cost. On the other hand this facility is not available during a free service period. For replaceable parts you have to pay the costs. The company is not going to levy any charge on replacing the water purifier.

An annual maintenance contract

For expensive consume durables it is necessary to have an AMC in place. The water purifier continues to operate in proper working condition all around the year. For water purifiers an AMC covers pumps, UV lamps or mechanical parts. All of them are repaired free of charge. The filters in the form of carbon filters and RO membrane are not covered under AMC. For these specific components you need to actual cost of the parts.

Are accessories of the water purifiers easily available in the market?

Always opt for genuine parts as replacement. It does cover an important aspect of after sales service. Enquire with your dealer on how easily are spare parts available.

Each water purifier has their own measurement parameters. For example O rings of a particular brand will differ from its peers. It is of utmost importance that you insist on original parts when you are entrusting the task of asking a technician to repair your water purifier. An AMC is handy as it ensures replacement of defective parts with original ones.

Placing an after sales service request

To request an after sales service proves to be critical. Eureka Forbes Service number has dedicated help line numbers where you can touch base with a company. The phone number is a 24 hour toll free number and you can place a request via an email. Due to technological wonders most water purifier companies have mobile apps. This poses an easy way to get in touch with a company for after sales service

What is the amount of service charge which is levied by the technicians?

Once again this is dependent on a lot of factors. When it is an AMC a technician would not be charging anything for their visit. The reason being an AMC module takes these charges into account. But if your appliance is not covered under a warranty period you have to pay for the visit of a technician.

This cost is dependent upon your location to the distance of a service provider. While lodging a service request all these factors are to be taken into consideration.

The frequency of changing membranes and filters

A lot of factors come into consideration while changing filters or membranes. Quality of water appears to be main consideration. In case if TDS levels are high you need to change your filter once in 6 months. If this is not a situation then you can change filters on an annual basis. The modern generation water filters are equipped with an alarm bell. This indicates on when you need to change a filter.

Would it be possible to change filters and membranes at your own end? Would it be possible to sanitize and clean the filters all by yourself?

Till the point a water purifier is under a warranty period you should not make any attempt to open a water purifier and repair it. Even for cleaning it is always better to contact a local technician.

A prudent approach would be to seek help from your service centre. A manufacturing unit would ascertain the facts before going ahead with the servicing of a unit. If you have violated any warranty terms, it becomes void. Sanitizing and cleaning of appliance under AMC is a strict no. In fact you are paying for these services well in advance. It would be never too later in knowing Eureka Forbes service number the issue.

The filters and electrical parts are covered under a warranty scheme. There does exist an option of exchanging your current water purification system with an upgraded version. Discounts and freebies are common when you resort to such a scheme. Most of the top quality brands have such schemes on offer regularly.

What could be the situation if you end up purchasing local spares from the market?

A present day water purifier can be compared to a precision instrument. They are going to function in an effective manner if you have spare parts installed in them. If you replace the defective parts with spare ones this takes a toll on the overall performance of a system.

Though the local spare parts can be less expensive but they leave a considerable impact on the performance of a device. Because of this reason you should always insist on original parts when you are planning to replace your defective parts.

These are the common after sales questions that you need to pose to your water purifier company. You are already spending a lot of money to acquire a water purifier and to ensure its proper upkeep is an important aspect. After sales service is one area that deserves a lot of attention. Fortunately all the reputed brands in the market offer quality after sales service.

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