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Jack Johnson

5 Factors Considered To Choose The Perfect Bathroom Taps

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Taps are essential elements in a bathroom. These have functionality purposes and complete the bathroom design. Making the right choice might become perplexing with multiple options on the market. This ensures that you purchase bathroom taps to meet your requirements. This article has factors that will make it easier to get taps that complement your room and effectively functions for years to come. Read on to understand the best way to choose the ideal taps for your bathroom.

Water pressure

Itís important to select taps that match the water pressure in your home for decent water flow.

A gravity-fed water system has low pressure while a boiler system has medium to high pressure. The general rule of thumb is for single lever mixers, wall mounted, and floor standing taps to function effectively with high water pressure. Double handle and pillar taps function effectively with low pressure.

Although a low-pressure tap can work with a high-pressure system, a high-pressure tap with a low-pressure system leads to slow water flow. It will take longer for your basin or bath to fill. Therefore, itís very important to choose taps that match the water pressure in your home. This will save you from having to wait for a long period to fill your tub.

Tap holes

Sanitary ware in your bathroom determines the type of tap to buy. Keep in mind that each fixture comes with different tap holes when youíre to buy bathroom sinks and taps. Basins usually come with 1, 2, or 3 predrilled holes while modern basins usually come with a single hole to for the mono mixer tap. Traditional taps come with two holes for a hot and cold pillar tap. Basins with 3 holes are for hot and cold tap with a separate waterspout.

Standard acrylic bathtubs come without predrilled holes. Your plumber has to drill the required holes depending on the number of taps youíre planning to fix on the tub. Keep in mind that drilling holes arenít possible on steel, stone resin, and cast iron baths. Youíre limited to using the predrilled holes or opting for a separate floor-standing or wall-mounted tap.


Your tap choice has a significant impact on your bathroomís overall look. Itís no wonder that beautiful taps become focal points in the bathroom. Upgrading your taps is a wonderful idea to enhance the life of your bathroom. Choose taps that complement other fixtures and elements plus the visual appeal of the room. For a traditional themed bathroom, opt for taps with features including

- Crosshead handles
- Exquisite detailing
- Edwardian-style ceramic inserts

For a cutting edge look in your bathroom, choose taps with minimalist designs, geometric styling, and clean lines. These come with features including touch sensitivity and waterfall spouts.


Tap material determines whether it will stand the test of time or not. Solid brass taps are highly resistant to erosion. This metal has no impurities to ensure that your water wonít have a funny taste. Taps with ceramic discs substituting rubber washers are more durable and resilient to wear and tear. This makes such taps last much longer. Taps with ceramic discs need a ĺ turn to turn off making them easier to use.


After looking at the interior of the tap, itís time to consider the exterior. This is where tap finish comes in to determine the practicality and general bathroom design. Chrome is a popular tap finish for its resistance to scratches and corrosion. Luckily, taps with a chrome finish maintain their shiny reflective finish which is easy to clean to give your bathroom a clean modern look.

Other tap finish options include antique gold for its robustness. Nickel is another tap finish growing in popularity to give products a premium appeal. A nickel finish offers strength, durability, and a light gunmetal look. You have to budget a bit more for nickel finish taps compared to taps with other finish options.

Bottom line

A tap is one of the most used fixtures in the bathroom. Apart from its functional property, the tap enhances the overall look of your bathroom and portrays your sense of style. Selecting the right taps for your bathroom requires considering the finish, number of holes on your basin or tub, water pressure, and material.

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