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Robotic pool cleaners -2019

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A robotic cleaner is an automatic pool cleaning device that is powered by artificial intelligence to perform the job of pool cleaning autonomously. Running on electricity, the robotic version of pool cleaners sucks in dirt and debris from the pool surface and deposits them into the canister fitted inside. The machine uses a motor to drive itself around and to operate the pump inside. Self-contained, these machines are boldly designed and can operate independently from the main filtration system of the pool. Thus, the wear and tear inflicted on the pump, and the filter is relatively lessened by the mechanism. However, being more efficient, these units cost more than the regular pressure side and suction side automatic units.

Pool Cleaners Online offers robotic cleaners from the house of Zodiac. The company, which is a direct partner of Zodiac adds all the advanced and lately launched robotic cleaners of the same manufacturer to its shelves. To offer guidance to the users, the company features some very useful articles here. The articles discuss the technicalities of robotic cleaners in general, their common problems, DIY fixings, pros, and cons, etc.

Discussed below are the three most popular models of robotic cleaners released by the market-leader Zodiac.

Polaris 9300 Sport Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner

This cleaner appears like a concept car into its diminutive size from a distance. As you zoom in, it will appear the same, only more robotic in its appeal with stark caddy wheels and a distinctive style. Polaris 9300 Sport is what people refer to as the forceful cleaner. Strong and efficient as the shell is reflective of, this unit spells style and potential. With special aquadynamic design and advanced engineering, the cleaner delivers unmatched performance.

Zodiac V1 Robotic Pool Cleaner

If there is any model in the range of Zodiac cleaners that redefines the way a pool cleaner should look, then this is the one. With awe-inspiring design and potential mechanics, this machine offers impeccable and super-fast cleaning. Designed like an extremely stylish yo-yo, the machine guarantees maximum suction within the minimum time span.

Automatic Pool Cleaners

An automatic or automated pool cleaner is a machine that resembles a vacuum cleaner in its make, mechanism, and functions. It is engineered to collect sediments and debris automatically from the swimming pool facilities without involving their human users.

Automatic pool cleaners, since their discovery, has evolved largely to propagate different models that are based upon diverse techniques and models. They come in four basic varieties, viz., return-side, suction-side, pressure-side, and robotic ones. All these models fall under the automatic cleaners as they are capable of cleaning the pool on their own with minimal human intervention required.

Delivering pool cleaners throughout Australia, Pool Cleaners Online guarantees prompt drop service within two days from the date of purchase in all metropolis areas. Pool Cleaners Online is also an Internet-based library of information on pool cleaner devices. The website publishes unbiased reviews of all the latest pool cleaner models, their common problems, DIY troubleshooting, etc.

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