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Jack Johnson

Reasons Why Your House Need Tiles

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Name:	Picture1.jpg 
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ID:	11199Tiles have gained immense popularity over the years because they give you plenty of options to choose from.

They can significantly transform the look of your room and eliminate the need for a carpet.

But apart from its visual benefits, there are many others that prove to be good reasons to switch your traditional house flooring with tiles.

So if you are planning to re-floor your home or looking to upgrade, then these benefits will convince you to consider tiles.

They work in all areas of your home

The best thing about tiles is that they can be used in any part of your home. From bathroom floors to kitchen walls and outdoor patio, their versatile design can be used anywhere to get the most functionality and brownie points for aesthetics. Considering there are so many designs available, you can be as creative as you like.

It is very easy to clean

We all know that carpets require deep cleaning every once in a while to remove all the dust and grime that has settled in its core over days. Not cleaning your carpet thoroughly is not only unsanitary but also a health risk for someone who is suffering from respiratory disorders. Moreover, dust particles from your dirty carpet mix with the air inside your home that ruins its indoor quality and make every one susceptible to breathing conditions. But a tile is so easy to maintain that it can be cleaned with one single sweep of a mop. It is very low maintenance and does not require heavy duty cleaning. Just daily mopping alone should keep them looking good and presentable.

Low maintenance

Experts recommend that tiles can be easily maintained by reapplying sealer once in every 2-3 years. This will be enough to keep it strong and durable for years to come. The grout prevents water from seeping under the tile. Therefore, there will no water damage either.

Repairs can be done yourself

Another useful benefit of tiles is that you can perform most of the repairs yourself, especially if you have ceramic floor tiles. In case of a damaged tile, you can simply remove the damaged part and replace it with another one within minutes. This simple DIY tile repair trick can save you tons of money in calling a handyman for something as small as a tile replacement. But of course, if the extent of damage is a lot, you would need professional help. To be on the safe side, it is always better to keep at least 10% tiles extra so that you can quickly repair in case of breakage or crack.

It keeps your home cool

Did you know that in hot summers, tiling can actually reduce indoor temperature due to their inherent cooling properties? On a blistering summer day, the joy of sitting on a cool tile is a completely different experience. Carpet, on the other hand, traps heat that can make your home warmer than it actually is. If you live in hot environments, it is better to install tiled floors to keep your house cool through the summers and cut down energy bills.

Highly durable and cost-effective

Tiles are very cost effective when it comes to flooring options. In fact, they are so durable that they pay for themselves by saving you maintenance cost and lasting you for years to come. When you maintain your tiles and take good care of them, they will definitely outlast any other type of floor.

A large variety to choose from

If you are creative and like to play with designs, then tiles offered by Tiles Manufacturers in Morbi will spoil you for choice! You can mix and match different styles, create something of your own, or pick from something readily available. For the most interesting visual appeal, designers recommend creating a backsplash that can match the design of your floor. Just don't be afraid to think out the box when you are working with tiles.

It is these numerous benefits as well as its ease of availability that has convinced many people to use tiles as a flooring option in their home.

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