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Should You Build a Timber Frame Home?

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ID:	11205So you have decided to build your own home. Not an easy task, certainly, but definitely one that will be incredibly fulfilling, and will have incredible results.

By overseeing the construction of your own home, you will get some insight into how the thing is going to be made, and some choice on the materials and details of your home. This is where timber-framed homes come in.

Namely, building your home with a timber frame has many advantages, which we are going to cover below. Just read on and find out exactly what we mean.

What does Timber Frame actually mean?

You will get a home made from a frame where most shells are made off site. They will be built in a factory, with different prefabrication settings and options. Know that large sections and panels are made with computer-controlled cutting and machining, which guarantees a very high standard and accuracy of work.

The core parts of this frame are of course the load-bearing walls. These are essentially panels that have a network of studs on both sides, as well as wood sheathing that gives it extra strength and protection.

These are widespread

Timber systems and masonry are the top structural options in regard to home construction. Most architects will know exactly what you need when you suggest you use a timber frame on your home. Since this feature is so widespread and popular, most architects and house designers will already have experience with Timber Frame Homes. They know what their innate qualities are, and how to make the most of them.

So, one benefit of a Timber Frame Home is that you can be certain that the architects will know what exactly they are doing and how to make the best possible set for you. Any gaps are filled with insulation materials, which gives you great energy performance and more space due to the slimness of the walls.

Timber Frame Houses are flexible

What makes houses like these special is just how flexible their construction can be. You can do pretty much any style or type of house you want. As long it fits on the designated plot (and within your designated budget) you can be certain that it can be built.

Furthermore, you can combine this system with other materials as well. Using laminated timber beams and steel structural materials can make things more cost-effective, while still retaining all the original benefits.

Great energy performance

First of all, know that one of the benefits of these kinds of homes is flexibility. So, you can always get custom built panels based on your specifications. Getting high-quality ATS Building products that are in accordance with your needs will get you the best results.

Still, know that the walls are relatively slim, with the standard being 140mm thickness. Also know that the prefabrication process guarantees airtightness. So, what does this mean to you? It means you can save up a lot of money on heating and cooling your home. Furthermore, since the walls are relatively slim, you will get more floor space and room in your home.

Great soundproofing

Soundproofing of Timber Frame Homes are also excellent. Of course, masonry has better soundproofing, but this one is nothing to scoff at. With a proper company behind your back, timber frame homes should absolutely be in line with all building regulations and standards.

Very quick construction

Homes like there have very quick, speedy construction system. Namely, you will notice that the labourers will erect walls in one go. This is because they donít have to place every brick and stone individually. They will just have to set prefabricated parts in place, and fix them there with proper materials and tools. What also makes these easy to build is the fact that they are just so light and manoeuvrable. Of course, for some parts, you will need to get a crane. For others, however, two labourers are more than enough to set one piece in place.

Most often both your walls and your roof will be covered by a waterproof membrane during construction. And since you already have the frame and shell there, workers can continue building certain sections of your house even in rainy or snowing conditions (to a point).


There is good reason why timber frame homes are so popular nowadays. Architects and home designers know just how simple and useful these types of construction systems are, and are most likely familiar with their workings already. Timber Frame Homes allow for great flexibility and choice when choosing their initial design, thanks to the quality of the materials and the fact that they are most often prefabricated. And when we take into consideration just how quickly these homes can be built, how energy efficient they are, and then you know youíll be making a good choice when going with these types of homes.

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