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Simon Hopes

How to choose the perfect front door

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The front door is more than the main entrance to your home. It also protects your home, which is why its choice speaks a lot about you. There are so many types of doors, but only the right one that fits your home best. Here are 4 factors to help you choose the right front door.


It goes without saying that this is the most important. Doors come in various designs, types, and colours, that thereís a chance that you may get carried away while looking for one. Itís only if you know your budget will you end up buying a door you can afford.


Front doors come in various materials like wood, aluminium, and plastic. Obviously wood and metal are stronger options, but today there are also composite wooden doors offering the benefits of both.

These doors have traditional wood on the inside for maximum security and longevity and an additional aluminium cladding. The aluminium is highly resistant to weather conditions so it protects the inner wooden door during harsh climatic conditions.

In other words, the aluminium cladding prolongs the life of the door, that too with minimal maintenance. With the exterior covered with aluminium, and the inner wooden doorís natural beauty, these doors give you the best of both worlds.

3.Door measurements

You next have to find out your door measurements, so that you donít end up with an ill-fitting door. No matter if itís a replacement or a new door; buy one based on the door frame measurements, and not the old door measurements.

When it comes to measuring the door width, take three door frame measurements. Take one at the top, another in the middle and the last at the bottom. The widest gives you your door width.

While measuring the height, measure the frame vertically at three spots and once again, use the longest as your door height. Keep the measurements in mind for the wooden door, with allowances for the aluminium cladding.

4.Standard or customized

Compare these measurements with the standard doors available for your chosen door type to choose the most appropriate sized door. However, if your door size isnít standard, then donít compensate by buying a standard door. Itís better to have one customized.

Of the many types of door available, composite wooden doors like Velfac doors, make the best choice today. They are not only affordably priced and available in various sizes, but also offer various benefits like excellent insulation, a distinctive style, added security because of its strong construction and multi-point locking. Besides, they complement your Velfac windows too to make your home look special and unique from the other houses on the block.

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