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Tricks to Keep In Mind before Buying Your Furniture

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The illusion of reform or move

If it is by your own will, making a change in your life is always accompanied by varied sensations: illusion, expectations, dreams ... but also many doubts and odd fear. In regard to our home, we have many tools for these changes to occur within a framework of specific dates and spaces, so it is always good to plan to take into account any unforeseen events. Read More at How To Get The Most From You Furniture Buying Experience

Organizing well before buying the furniture will prevent us from making mistakes associated with the impulsiveness that generates the illusion of a new house or a change that we feel like a lot. It is better to be prudent as much as possible. Everything comes!

If you are one of those who find it difficult to organize and know how to set priorities, go ahead, we tell you some tricks to start one of the most beautiful and exciting steps of any reform: choose the furniture that will dress your home.

1. Take measures and make estimates

It seems too obvious, but it involves some difficulty. Take measures is not simply take the meter and note the useful and free space centimeters that we have, you also have to visualize the type of furniture we want to buy and think if it will be good in that space. We speak, not only of size but also of volume, the material of the same and functionality. Of course, the vital thing is to know if it will combine with our decoration at the same time that it will fulfill its function. It's not that easy!

2. What do I really want or need?

This question is key because many times, again, guided by the illusion and nerves, we launch ourselves to the acquisition of furniture and equipment that, we should ask ourselves, are they really necessary or is it something that we feel like but that is not a priority right now? Observe our house as it is (empty or semi-empty) and ask ourselves what furniture is essential (furniture that fulfills an absolutely necessary function) and which are more decorative.

The objective of separating the first from the second is to make a 'mental screen' and to agree with the most necessary ones. The most certain thing is that we do not regret this minimalist vision since the free and diaphanous spaces provide a greater sense of peace and comfort and we can always seal them with other decorative accessories such as magazine racks, plants or baskets. We assure you that as you go decorating the ideas will multiply!

3. Respecting the tastes and personality of each one

If before embarking on the reform of your home you were complaining that your home did not represent you at all and, instead, lay a meaningless mixture of different decorations, now you have the opportunity to amend it. You will only acquire those furniture, textiles or accessories that you love. The variety of tastes, styles, and prices is so wide that there is no excuse not to decorate with taste and without making a hole in our pockets. But, above all, you can really capture who lives there, that is, capture your essence as hosts!

4. Dialogue and consensus

Shopping or moving in a couple? Yes, you guessed it, you will have to talk long and hard about your tastes and preferences and you will not always agree with them. A trick: if you argue a lot with your partner about what furniture you want, you can choose a defined style in which you agree and within it create certain pacts and consensus. If it continues to be difficult, you can always share the 'areas of the house' and each one takes care of certain furniture. If the same stylistic framework is respected, there will be no problems and both of you will have contributed.

5. Read, observe and be inspired...

Of course, together with your respective tastes and appetites, is the most 'passive' part of the organization, but no less creative. Leave aside your active search for the perfect piece of furniture and let yourself be enraptured by the stimuli of publishers, magazines, decoration blogs or social networks where through a simple hashtag (example: # decoracionescandinava) we will be giving with endless inspiring ideas. Telling and inspiring is free! Do not miss the opportunity to do it.
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Other 'extra' tips...

- Keep it real. If your house is really small, adapt all your ideas and contributions to 'those scarce 40 square meters': that it is small does not imply that it does not have charm.

- Be positive. Optimism and positivity are going to be your best allies in this beautiful process, although sometimes hard, of a reform or move.

- When you go to the store, do not stop asking and communicate all your doubts. In addition, testing the furniture on site can help you decide.

- Make a mix of investment and short-term functionality. It is true that the most important furniture in the house is preferable that they are also the most durable. Be practical!

- Take paper and pencil (yes, the old way) and do not skimp when it comes to drawing how you imagine a certain room, the nursery or the garden itself. Visualize first to translate it later will help you when setting up your 'dream house' mentally and then apply the doses of reality when you go to buy or buy them.

Do not hesitate to implement these tips to take another step in what will be your perfect healthy home. And remember that here you can find more ideas and tips to buy your furniture 'with the head'.

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