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How to Keep Your Garage More Organized

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Did you reach that point where you canít even park your car in your own garage? A point where your garage is so cluttered that even thinking about getting anything new in there is basically pointless? Well, we think itís time you made a change. Think about creating some extra room here, and actually keep the place more organized. Below you can find some tips on doing just that.


You first need to sort what you are storing in your garage, and figure out what you actually need. Take everything you can outside, and start sorting. Donít be a hoarder, fight the impulse to keep everything you can right there. Itís just taking up precious space. You most likely wonít need so many spare parts, that specialized tool you havenít used in ten years, or all that stuff you got as a gift. You can then sell some stuff on eBay, organize a yard sale, or just bite the bullet and throw it all out.

The same goes for any broken items you planned to fix for a long time. Either set very clear dates on when you intend to fix these, have them repaired by a professional, or be honest with yourself and throw them out.

Use vertical space

Itís not enough to just throw out stuff you donít need anymore. What you do actually have to do is find the right containers, and in general, be a bit more creative with how you use your space. We suggest you get some shelves, and use your vertical space properly. Install as many shelves as you can, have them go all the way up to the ceiling.

Namely, go visit your local hardware store and get the right stuff to set up your shelves. Or, if you donít have the time or the skills, you can always get some custom work done. A lot of experts, like Westberg Sheetmetal, for example, offer high-quality products at pretty solid prices. You can also hire somebody to help you with more complicated work, while you can work on what you can handle yourself.


Now, once you have your shelving and racks all set up, you should think about categorizing everything properly. Namely, put all your tools in one area, store your Halloween and Christmas decorations in another. Screws, nails, and other tiny items should be kept in the proper containers (see-through if possible). Label all your shelves and racks, keep them distinct. You want to at a glance put the right item at the right place.

Donít forget about regular maintenance

Finally, maybe the most important part of keeping your garage organized is to do it regularly. By regularly maintaining and cleaning the place, by putting your tools and items at the designated places, you will find it much easier to keep it in order. Otherwise, it might all snowball, and turn into a serious mess that takes days to clean up.

If youíre done with a tool, put it in its rightful place. Throw out stuff you donít need anymore, the moment itís spent. Choosing a specific date every month for general cleaning and maintenance will make a big difference as well.


Keeping your garage neat and tidy doesnít have to be a hassle. There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind, but if you stick to them, you will probably keep the entire place usable. Above all, get rid of things you donít need. Declutter, create some space so that you can at least start. Create categories for all the stuff (junk?) you have, and try to stick to a regular maintenance schedule.

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